The Shark Boys x Becsea

Early Monday morning, I made my way to the airport for yet another exciting adventure! Life is good lately 🙂 Up, up, and away- I headed to Florida to do some shark fishing with the one and only The Shark Boys.

The Shark Boys are a land-based Shark fishing squad that catch & release these magnificent creatures. The Shark Boys consists of Grant (my brother), Tanner, and Bryanna. They spend their summers fishing at the Jersey Shore, but decided to road trip off to Florida for the second time to fish there.

Day one, I arrived and started to explore the area. Hollywood Florida is pretty cool- some cute restaurants, and a nice boardwalk area. Unfortunately, it rained that afternoon. That meant a few bay breezes for me 😉 As Florida goes, the rain usually subsides after a little bit. Once it cleared up and the sun came out, we headed to Dania Beach Pier for fishing (of course) and exploring for me!

Unlike the beaches in New Jersey, the water is a beautiful blue here and oh so clear! You can actually see the fish! I remember coming to Cocoa Beach when I worked for Disney and LOVING this beautiful ocean. It felt so good to be back on the East Coast Florida Beaches.

Day 2, we made to to Ft Lauderdale. The Shark Boys went on a boat and I went exploring at Anne Kolb Nature Center.  I enjoy looking up places in the area with trails/hiking/exploring. This nature center was very cool, and I am glad I snuck this exploration in!

We ate some Italian Food in Ft Lauderdale and then it was time for some ice cream at the famous Jaxson’s. It was pretty good ice cream! I went with the mint chocolate chip- classic.

We relaxed and had a few cocktails at home and then back to looking for Shark Fishing spots. In my opinion, Grant and Tanner are nuts for kayaking baits out in the dark. I am also still scared of the dark so that does not help.

I had an early flight home the next morning, so I called it decently early that night. I headed back home to the cold, winter weather. I am enjoying a few days at home, then it is off to the next little getaway….

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