Hello, March

It is SO nice to see you, again. March is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) months for many reasons. March is a month where we start to see warmth here, and where the sun starts to shine longer throughout the day. March is a start for Spring, for new beginnings, for longer days and for time outside. Growing up, March was a time for Spring Break and bike rides and blooming flowers. Winter can really get to you, ya know? It is cold and dark and outdoor activity is limited. You have to bundle up every day and scrape the ice off your car windshield in the morning.  My motivation to leave my house once it is dark out is at an all time low in the winter. But now, now we have March!

Last March was full of adventure for me from the California Coast. Boy do I miss Cali, but I am also SO excited for these new March adventures to come. This March, I have three major stops on my list from work trips to fishing trips to birthday trips! Yes, my birthday is in March… the big twenty-four. Can you believe it?! I can not! I certainly do not look it though.

I also decided that March is going to be my “treat yo self” month. I am going to purchase the clothing that I had my eye on for a while. I am going to get my nails done, and maybe even my hair dyed dark again? Who knows! I am going to learn more, and to read up on topics of interest. I am also going to treat myself to adventure and make the most of every single day.  Warmer, sunnier days are coming. That is something to smile about!

Happy March 1st to you. I hope this month is your best one yet out of your 2018 story.

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