Just one Taste!- Surviving Dessert Time

Let’s talk DESSERT- the most important meal of the day (just kidding, but it definitely can feel like the most CRAVED meal sometimes) If you lack self-control when it comes to the sugary-goodness, the smart move is to not keep desserts in your home. Sometimes desserts make their appearance elsewhere, like at a party….

Imagine This…You survived the family holiday party- you dodged questions about your future, relationships, kids, careers, etc. You’re just about to call it a day and then…DESSERT makes its way on to the table and suddenly you realize you’re an adult and your parents are not going to limit you on dessert. Ice cream, cookies, cake, all can be yours… what do you do?!

Option One- To channel your inner child and go for it! Run a muck and grab everything that looks good as your mouth waters…

Option Two- Step away from the dessert table, force yourself not to look, set a distraction.

Option Three- Dessert? I’d rather spend my calories on wine…

Option Four- The happy medium, you decide to TREAT YO SELF in moderation… Start by scouting out what looks good- are you feeling a piece of cake? cookie? If you can not decide, I recommend the one bite test. Dr Oz shared a concept similar to this but I believe it really works at dessert time. Simply take a bite of the desserts that look good to you. Then decide, is it worth eating the entire dessert? You’d be surprised… sometimes that one bite is enough to satisfy your craving. If it is not enough, then you may decide to go for it. Please ENJOY it and remember that you need to treat yo’self once in a while.

The most important point of this post is to enjoy the treat, if you want it. That one cookie, brownie, or piece of cake is not going to ruin your diet.

** The rice crispy treat photo is from my mother’s baking business- Sweet Treats by Debi

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