How to “Poshmark”

Hey There!

I am assuming you opened up this article because you are interested in opening a Poshmark closet or you just want to find out what Poshmark is all about!  Recently, I realized that my closet and dresser are overflowing with clothing. Some of this clothing being pieces that I have not worn in years and some pieces even with tags! Why not turn this clothing into cash? So, that is just what I did. I did not want to just open up an online store and half-ass the work, so I really dove into it and used my creativity and skills to go full force. This article is written from my experience using Poshmark as well as advice from a friend who is a Poshmark CELEBRITY.  If you are interested in learning about this platform and making a few bucks… this blog post may be useful to you!

Sign up is very simple and the platform itself is fairly easy to use. Once you have created your account, you can simply snap photos of your clothing/accessories/shoes, complete the required information and click sell! …If only it was THAT easy.


Point #1:

While the steps are easy, advertising is not necessarily “free.” Well, monetary value yes but your time is money, babe! In order to advertise on Poshmark, you need to promote yourself.  You are in control of growing your account, gaining followers, and promoting your clothing on the application. Poshmark is a SOCIAL MEDIA platform. This means that engagement and time spent on the app actually makes a difference. Just like Instagram, growing a following, sharing posts, and engaging with other users is very important. Poshmark has various events for its followers. These events allow you to share and re-share your merchandise to reach the audience in attendance. This engagement is important to advertise and promote your closet.

Point #2:

Photo quality counts! Think about Instagram, Pinterest, and various online shopping sites. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are drawn to visually appealing items. It is natural. Please keep this in mind when creating your Poshmark closet. Do you want your photos to all look a certain way? Do you need to use a filter? Do you want to be in the photos? Do you need a model? People enjoy seeing how pieces look on others, so they can see the fit of the apparel. If you plan to devote time to move products through your closet to the mailbox, then I recommend using quality photographs. Take a few minutes out of your day to model the pieces.

My floppy beach hat just sold. Here are some of the images I used to showcase this find

In the first picture, you can see how it looks on and in the second picture, you can see the entire product.

Point 3#:

Pricing. Be honest with your closet and be honest with yourself. Did you find this item for a great price and want to make a profit for your efforts? Are you looking to basically give it away and will take anything? Think about it for every item. Some items are definitely worth more than others. When selling worn pieces, consider the quality. Be honest with yourself. You want GOOD reviews on Poshmark to continue to grow your closet. Remember this while you are posting and pricing. Would you pay that much for it? There is an easy way to gauge prices and that is simply by searching and seeing what else is selling on Poshmark and for what price.


Add your own special touch. When you sell an item, make sure you let the purchaser know how appreciative you are! Thank them for the sale and maybe add a note or use nice paper to wrap the apparel. Little things MATTER. It makes a difference, especially if you are interested in growing your closet and expanding your sales.

My Personal Poshmark Closet: CLICK HERE

Happy Shopping and Happy Money-Making! 🙂

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