Christmas Time in the City

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and to be honest, it has not really felt like it due to work, deadlines and crazy busy plans! To get in the holiday spirit, Thomas and I took our annual NYC Christmas Tree trip and added some fun spins to it. I planned the entire day (as per usual) and found some unique activities for us to do. Overall, we had a lot of fun and saw some BEAUTIFUL sights… the tree at Rockefeller Center always amazes me.

It was a nice sunny yet freezing Saturday. We headed to the train station and boarded the train into Penn Station NY. From here, we started walking. We came across Cha Cha Matcha, an instagram-popular latte place where I HAD to stop. I enjoyed a delicious coconut matcha latte, snapped some pics at the Flat Iron building, and we were on our way. RNI-Films-IMG-67D34049-F2A1-497A-8EBE-5B826F9EE49A.JPGRNI-Films-IMG-4FAA992C-5327-4FD3-B544-38F73FCF466B.JPG

We walked to the Museum of the American Gangster. This activity is available on Groupon. We listened to information on American Gangsters, participated in a tour, and saw some really cool locations, including a speakeasy. We also locations where gangsters hid money, killed people, and more! Not exactly a holiday activity, but it made for a different excursion and adventure.  Thomas really enjoyed it.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Agfacolor 40's Warm'

From here, we walked to Rockefeller Center. We are definitely “those people” who prefer to walk verses sit in traffic in a taxi. Despite the cold temperatures, we did have some entertainment from SantaCon on the way… We passed by some trees for sale on the sidewalk. Could you imagine purchasing your Christmas tree on the sidewalk and then walking it back to your studio apartment in NYC? There is nothing wrong with it, but as I see it I realize more and more that city life might not be for me.

Rockefeller Center was CHAOS, to say the least. We were packed like sardines, being pushed and pulled from different directions. If you know me, you know that I am claustrophobic (not in the way that means I am scared of Santa Claus.)

We snapped a few pics and dashed out of there like reindeer to dinner and drinks. I wish we had more time to soak it in, but heck it was miserable over there.

For dinner, we had to get our favorite annual tradition Point Break Bar NYC. The food is really good, and we both order the same thing every year. Plus, they have a great happy hour menu that we always forget about and order drinks off the original menu anyways…Regardless, yours truly went with the tried and true turkey and Swiss panini with a nice cosmo. I probably take the same photo every year, but heck its the little things for me people.


From here, we headed back to the train station. There was an option to go out in the city, but with Thomas being under the weather it was best we got back.

We ended the night watching, Californiacation on Netflix. (Our new tv show) Overall, it was a great day. I am glad we continue this tradition because it genuinely makes me happy and it gets us in the Christmas spirit. 🙂

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