Who is Looking at Your Instagram?!

As requested from my Instagram poll results, it is time to find out who is looking at your Instagram! Whether it is for personal reasons or branding reasons, many of you are curious who is checking out your page. I work in marketing and social media full time, and I have learned a thing or two about branding- both for business and personal branding (becsea forever). This article will cover who is checking out your page from a business standpoint as well as a personal standpoint.

As a brand, the first step to seeing your Instagram statistics requires a switch to a Business account. On Instagram, you have two account options- personal account and business account. As a lifestyle blog/personal brand, I activated a business account. With this account,  I can see the demographic reviewing my profile, the best times to post, and more. From my business account,  I can takeaway the following statistics:

Majority of my followers are from NJ, NY, Philly, and LA. They are mostly 25-34 years old and are 45% Male, 55% female. Over the last week, 23, 299 impressions were made. Impressions are the number of times people viewed any of my content. Additionally, I can see the best times to post each day, and the best days to post my content. I can see who viewed my stories and whether he/she stayed around to watch another or whether he/she exited out.  I am not going to share every page, but here is one of them:IMG_2480235EBC8B-1.jpeg

Why do we need this info? 

From a marketing point of view, these statistics are very beneficial. The goal for my personal instagram is ENGAGEMENT. Followers are great; however if you want to build a personal brand, your followers need to be REAL, authentic and organic… and actually enjoy your content. Organic followers and organic engagement are real accounts/people, and are not bought or generated. From a brand perspective, organic reach and real engagement is very important. Brands want real people viewing their collaborations, not fake followers. While my following is not huge, I have landed various brand deals for this reason.

The following information was generated from a few different sites as well as YouTube videos regarding the topic of Instagram stories. Did you know that the significance of stories might surpass posts in the new year?

Apparently, the Instagram stories algorithm can see who is engaged with your content or viewing it frequently. According to some YouTube videos, the viewers who look at your content most frequently will show up closer to the top of your story viewers page. You can decide whether you believe this to be true or not… but there is truth to the engagement and who sees your content.

Instagram tends to show you posts from people you engage with by liking their content, sending DM’s, or following along on stories. If you provide feedback on my IG stories and answer a poll, or even if you just watch the story, you are more likely to see my little icon up there first.

Who can see your content?

According to online sources, Instagram only shows a small percent of your following your content within the first few minutes. This means that if your post does poorly within the first few minutes, Instagram will not show it to your other followers.

Why did they remove the chronological feed?

Well, Instagram wants users to stay on their app. .. and you would stay on the app longer if the content you see is intriguing. Instagram also makes money from advertisements. Yes, you see sponsored ads all over the place nowadays. These ads are fairly inexpensive in advertising dollars and have the ability to be extremely valuable to growing companies online. Word on the street-Instagram encourages ad use even more by hiding posts with “sale” or “sponsored” in the caption.

Posting at a time when people are online is beneficial to a successful post because more people will see your content within the first few minutes and potentially like it…Thus telling instagram to keep the post around longer.

Information regarding reach per post and saves per post are also available to the business account user… By selecting a photo, I can see how many people the photo reached, how many people saved it, and how many people viewed my profile.


This post received 367 likes, 211 comments, 8 saves, and reached 1,110 people. After looking at this picture, 31 people clicked through to see my profile. Pretty neat, huh?

So, there ya have it folks! Sorry, I can not tell you how often your ex-boyfriend or that girl you can’t stand looks at your photos… but I can tell you if they are engaged in your content or viewing your stories. Regardless of who is watching, I hope you post what you want to post, when you want to post. Life is too short to value the opinions of others anyways. Keep being you! Because you are awesome.







**This information is generated from personal Instagram usage as well as research conducted from a variety of podcasts and online articles. I do not own the information or statistics nor do I take responsibility for actions following this article. Use information with discretion. **


  1. Monica

    This is awesome!! I was always kinda curious what stats Business users had access to that Personal accounts don’t have. Thanks for posting!

    >According to some YouTube videos, the viewer who look at your content most frequently will show up closer to the top of your story viewers page.

    That’s interesting! I know this was the case ~3 months ago, but I think one of the more recent algorithm changes updated that.


    1. Becks Bataille

      You bring up a great point- the algorithm seems to keep changing. The youtube video is a few months old, so this information may have changed. No one can be certain about this information unless well you are instagram… but thank you for reading!


    1. Becks Bataille

      Regardless of account size, you have the ability to change to a business account. If you are looking to grow your account and better understand your audience, it may be beneficial to make the switch. The only requirement would be to create a FB page to link this business account to. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions!

      Liked by 1 person

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