Healthy Fast Food

A healthy fast food restaurant?! It sounds too good to be true…Well, you better believe it because Bryn + Dane’s is just that! Bryn + Danes is a healthy fast food restaurant expanding across Pennsylvania. With plenty of options and various locations, this restaurant is a PA must do.

The menu at Bryn + Danes is very impressive- from breakfast to lunch to dinner, they have you covered! My mother and I visited their Horsham location, which was also the first location, for lunch today. They treated us to a delicious lunch.

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Craig, a brand ambassador, showed us around and described the menu for us. We tried a few different options- all very tasty and healthy! He gave us some Givn water bottles. Givn’s mission is “Every bottle of GIVN Water funds one day of clean water for a person in need,” how awesome is that?!

To start, we enjoyed some wraps. The Bryn Mac, made with beyond meat, and a chicken pesto wrap. Both were delicious but that Bryn Mac was my personal favorite!


Next we tried some delicious fresh fruit desserts. I mean come on, this shade of blue.. did they know my aesthetic or what?!



Following these sweet treats, we sampled some veggie corn dogs. We both agreed that these tasted EXACTLY like a normal corndog. They are much lower in calories and meat-free! Perfect snack for kids!


The history of Bryn + Dane’s was especially interesting. Bryn Davis started this company in 2002 after saving the money he made while working on his grandpa’s farm. He realized the inconvenience of obtaining healthy foods on the go, and he strived to find a solution. This company is progressing fast, and I am excited to see it continue to grow!




Disclaimer: This lunch was gifted to us. I only showcase brands I believe in and trust. Consume at your own risk. I am not an expert.

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