Take a Breather!

There is a lot of beauty in sitting on a porch, and I think we all need to do it more often.  It’s around this time each year, that we start to feel the crisp fall air in the mornings and late at night. 🍂🍃

Growing up, my little brother and I used to sit on our porch, have ice pops, and chase lightening bugs (or fireflies).  We knew school was coming, but we did not want to believe it. We held onto every last bit of summer that we could. It was nights like these where we did not want to grow up, we just wanted to stay as kids in the summertime.

On my trip to Long Beach Island, I woke up in the morning and hung out on the porch as the rest of the crew slowly woke up. I took time to just be- to listen to the cars as they drove by, to recover from the night before (lol), to hear the world wake up. The hustle and bustle began, and we headed to the beach. For those brief moments, I was still and I loved it.

I never knew exactly where I wanted to set up permanently and to be honest, I still have no idea… but I always knew it would be a house with a white wrap around porch…and a hydrangea garden. I love a nice porch where you can sit, read, watch the cars and bikes go by, and just enjoy life. It seems to go slower from the porch, and I am not sure why.

As you go through this week, and this is your reminder to take a step back, take it easy, and hey maybe take a seat to just be.  

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