Indoor Date Idea (that’s not the movies!)


Do you ever struggle to find something to do on days where the weather is not ideal? Thomas and I love to have unique fun dates, but they can be difficult to plan when the weather is not ideal. Movies are a great date option, but do not leave much time for communication. We wanted to do something fun and creative, while catching up on our lives.

On Sunday, Color Me Mine hosted a daytime date for us!

This specific location is in the Bridgewater Mall. How cute is the interior?


Step 1: Select your pottery from a wide variety of home decor, mugs, plates, and more. 

I chose a pineapple candle holder and Thomas went with an anchor box. We both decided on functional pieces, but there were so many cute home decor pieces!

Step 2: Select your paint colors. 

Step 3: Paint away! (Bob Ross style for us)


While painting, Thomas and I were able to chat. We caught up and reviewed our plans for the week.

After painting, we provided our contact information. Our painted pottery will be available in about a week. I can not wait to see how they come out!

If you are looking for a fun date idea, Color Me Mine is a unique way to spend time together (and make some fun home pieces)! Thank you for having us!

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