Everyday Make Up Routine

One thing that helps me feel “normal” and “on schedule” is doing my make up daily. Today, I am sharing my everyday make up routine!

My make up takes around 5 minutes for me to complete every day and I use very minimal products. Each product is linked! By shopping the links on this page, you are supporting the blogger behind this post. 

To begin, I use CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ from It Cosmetics. This NJ-based company makes great products and this CC+Cream really smooths out my skin and protects it from the sun with SPF. I wear IVORY.

To shop, click here. 

Next, I apply bronzer palette very lightly- Sephora Brand, nothing fancy.

To shop, click here. 

After bronzer, I love adding a good highlight to my cheeks. Naturally, I have very large cheeks and a round face. The bronzer and highlight help add a slight contour.

To shop Mermaid glow, click here.

Time to move onto eyes. For eyebrows, I use Kylie Cosmetics; however, I linked a similar option that is a pencil, so it is easier to use.

To shop, click here. 

I use an Elle eyeshadow palette with very neutral colors and a little sparkle added.

To shop a similar palette, click here. 

Personally, I am not a big eyeliner person. My eyes are tiny, and I think eyeliner makes them look smaller. I use a simple drugstore mascara. It its only $4.89 at Target.

To shop my mascara, click here. 

Lastly, we have lipstick… MY FAVORITE! I have been loving Kristofer Buckle Beauty. I’m wearing “obsessed.”

To shop my lipstick, click here. 

Hopefully this quick little make up tutorial was helpful as we navigate through these days at home!


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