Daytime Date Idea: Sunflower Field

Are you looking for a fun daytime date idea? Visit a Sunflower Field!

Let’s just say it seems like a long time since I felt a sense of normalcy. This weekend, Thomas and I visited Happy Day Farm and had a great date day. When riding the tractor or in close proximity to others, masks were required; however, while in the sunflower field they were not. It was a warm day, but we had a lot of fun. The field was beautiful, we shared lots of laughs, and we (of course) took some cute photos. For the first time in a while, I was not focused on everything going on in the world. I was focused on picking sunflowers and spending time with my boyfriend. It was really nice.

Here are the details:

Tractor rides to the field are $8/each, sunflowers are $2.50 a stem, and lemonade is $6 a cup.

This awkward photo of me on a couch in a flower field: priceless.


Did I bring a phone tripod? You better believe it! (hey the pics came out cute and it has been a while, let me have fun)

After picking our sunflowers, (Thomas insisted we didn’t need shears which resulted in these uneven stems) we said hi to these photogenic friends.

That one chicken escaped from the pen and was so confused on how to get back in afterwards. This couple on the right… I mean look at them, it was like they were trained for the ‘gram.



Ok ok, so then we got some lemonade. Freshly squeezed lemonade… nice and refreshing. Plus, I get hangry and tend to talk too much so this might have been a way to get me to stop talking? Who knows.

We visited earlier in the day, and I would recommend it as it was HOT and got busier as the day went on. Regardless, it was a great time and I hope you get to experience a fun daytime date like this soon!

For more information on my camera equipment/social media photo tips, click here. 


Not an expert, just had fun here. consume content at your own risk.


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