Useful simple Selfcare products

Anyone else feel less stressed now that the holiday season is slowing down? It’s time for useful simple self care products to help you wind down and take time for YOU.

To be honest, December was a crazy busy month for me. I don’t want to say I feel relieved that the holidays are coming to a close, but I kinda do… I felt like I was going 100 mph all month long. Saturday was my first day off from responsibilities today, so I took a ME day.

ME days consist of being in a proactive mindset, not a reactive mindset. For example when you wake up, do not check emails and text messages, create your gratitude list. Do what YOU need to get done, not what others need you to do. It may seem selfish, but I think we all need a day to ourselves to relax and get our priorities in order.

Saturday’s Me Day Agenda:
-Getting my nails done 💅 : YOU DESERVE PRETTY NAILS. Treat yo’self! I went with sparkly pink for New Years! Plus you are supporting local business!

pink sparkly nails

-Lots of Astragalus Tea ☕️ : apparently, this is an immune system booster!

astragalus tea

-Cleaning my make up brushes: Long overdue. This new make up brush cleaner is AMAZING. It’s so easy to use and really cleans out the brushes.

make up brush cleaner

-Blow drying and styling my hair: This Revlon is so effective. I have a lot of hair, and this significantly reduced my blow drying time.

-Self tanning 🌞 : I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Tanceuticals is so easy to use and leaves a nice tan color!

-A nice walk outside 🎧: Good for the soul! Regardless of the temperature, fresh air is everything.  
-Getting a car wash : With all the salt on the roads, this was a MUST.
-Wearing my cozy long sleeve: You can not go wrong with this men’s cozy long sleeve for under $10!
-Thomas got me surf taco: Heck yeah! My current favorite is the Aloha Wrap. 🌮 
-Relaxing with some wine🍷

I’ll be the first to tell you- you don’t NEED anything; however if you’re looking for some useful supplies that make life easier for your next ME day, you might want to check these out! By shopping these links, you are supporting the blogger behind this post.

Since it is Monday, here are some Monday Morning reminders:

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