Yurt Getaway

Would you stay in a yurt? Last weekend, I surprised Thomas with a little yurt getaway.

Yes, talk yurty to me really was the best caption I could come up with.

While browsing for local getaways in December, I came across this yurt Airbnb. It was booking up fast, so I jumped on the opportunity. It was quite the adventure and a lot of fun!

Our itinerary consisted of a two hour drive, a walk on the “Walkway over the Hudson,” beer tasting at Sloop Brewing Co., Dinner at All City Grill, and camping at the yurt. It was chilly throughout the day, but we certainly made the most of the adventure. As you know, I try my best to capture all the memories. Here are a few photos from our day:

View from Walkway over the Hudson
Beer Tasting at Sloop Brewery

After dinner, we headed to the yurt. If you decide to take a trip here yourself, I highly recommend bringing an SUV or a truck. The driveway is very steep and was covered in ice and snow!

When we arrived to the yurt, it was dark and cold out. We needed to get the heat rolling ASAP. Thomas started the wood burning stove + propane space heater.

Thomas starting the fire.

S’mores are a must while “camping,” so I packed the must-have ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows, a perfect wooden stick for roasting, dark chocolate for me, and milk chocolate for Thomas.

S’mores were delish!

The yurt does not have a tv; however, it does have decent cell service. We brought Uno and played music through a JBL speaker, but you can certainly watch your favorite streaming service from your laptop by using a mobile hotspot.

Ok now for the question on everyone’s mind…where did you go to the bathroom? Every single person I discussed this trip with so far has asked me this question… Near the woods a short walk from the yurt is an outhouse… I know, ladies. I’d say it was one step above a Johnny on the spot, but much better than the alternative if we were camping.

Throughout the night, we tried to keep the fire going and of course ran out of wood… so it got quite chilly. The stars shined so bright with minimal light pollution out in the field. It was a really cool experience!

The following morning we visited the Daily Planet Diner, which seemed to be a popular spot in town. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly. (They nicely and discretely put us in the back corner of the restaurant away from other guests most likely because we reeked of camp fire LOL) After brunch, we embarked on our road trip home.

Overall, it was a very fun adventure. I would highly recommend a little weekend getaway to the yurt.


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