It’s August: Turn off the News & Love Thy Neighbor

Happy August! My gut is telling me to share what I wrote yesterday, so here it is:⁠

I find it bizarre, almost like a Twilight Zone episode… how in person (the real world), things can seem okay. The second the tv comes on or we open up social media, we see so much division and doom & gloom. It makes me miss the days when cell phones & social media didn’t exist. ⁠

The goal over the past year and a half or so, was to divide us in many ways. To turn the people against each other, so some find their faith in the government while others find freedom in We the People. In times of uncertainty, some prefer to have someone tell them what to do while others take a step back and make their own decision. ⁠

-I may or may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it.⁠
-I may or may not make the same decisions for my body that you make for yours, but I’ll fight for our freedom to make those decisions. ⁠
-I may or may not have the same beliefs as you do, but I’ll stand up for our ability to think for ourselves. ⁠

This ends when we say it does, and when we come together. I think some may forget that this nation was founded in a way where the people are in charge. It’s up to us. ⁠

So here’s to a great August, I hope you get out there and enjoy life because it’s happening NOW. ⁠

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