2018 Goals

2018 is the year I focus on self-growth. I felt so free in 2017 with all of my travels and I hope to feel this way again in 2018.  Unfortunately, there were some very hard times in 2017. While I would rather not share, I hope to grow from this in the new year. Moving forward, I hope to only hold positive energy and to focus on what makes me happy. Life is short, I should enjoy it and do what I feel. If it means taking time off or traveling, so be it. Resolutions imply a change to current situation. While I do not want to make changes, I do want to grow. I set three goals for myself for the new year. What are yours?

  1. Travel More. This morning, I made a list of all the places I want to travel to in 2018. The list is quite large, but definitely do able. My top places are California and Hawaii, with some Florida trips along the way. Where do you want to go this year?
  2. Turn my Dream into A Career. I would like to combine my love for social media, content creation, photography and writing into a career. It’s my dream and I am working to make it a reality. My goal is to continue working towards this dream job.
  3. Laugh & Love More. My goal is to show more love and release more laughter into the universe. The world needs it, and everyone should have it. I hope to laugh more and love more in the new year and to show my appreciation for others more often.

2018 is an open book. You can write each page the way you desire. If you release positive energy, you can achieve positive energy. Let’s make this a year to remember.

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