Ugh…Cold/Flu Season

With these cold winter months upon us, it is almost inevitable to catch a cold. This is actually my first cold in a long time, and it is just as miserable as I remember. When feeling under the weather, does anyone else remember the good times when they were not sick? I get so jealous of my old ungrateful self. (lol) While combating this cold currently, I decided to share some tips with you. I received many messages/comments that a cold is definitely going around! I found some GREAT products that have really helped ease the pain of this cold. This is not a sponsored post, but a truly a genuine one!  🙂

  • Zarbee’s Naturals- My brother is a huge fan of this product, and recommended that I give it a try. It is delicious and instantly assists in a sore throat. I have been using the Zarbee’s Cough and Throat Relief Daytime Supplement, and so far, so good. It combines dark honey and elderberry to help soothe a sore throat. I am looking forward to having another cup around lunchtime.
  • Green Tea- This natural remedy is great for boosting the immune system and is quite enjoyable during a cold. I recommend adding some honey to help sooth a sore throat. My favorite brands is Yogi Tea. Plus, the cute quotes will make you smile. 🙂
  • Hot Shower/Bath/Sauna- Ahhhh, this is a great way to sweat out those toxins and relax. Can not make it to the spa? Simply set a bath for yourself with a pretty little bath bomb and relax.
  • Essential Oils- I recently received a diffuser and it smells great! (well… I can not really smell too much right now, but I remember it smelling wonderful) There are specific scents that can really help lessen your cold symptoms. Before diffusing, check to see which oil may help you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Last but not least:

  • Netflix & Comfy Clothes- Is there anything better? Unfortunately, colds can take some time to go away. The best piece of advice is to rest and to rest well. I watched a probably record-breaking amount of corny romantic comedies over the past few days in comfy leggings, sweatshirts, and fuzzy socks. Sometimes, this time is needed for ourselves.

I hope you start to feel better very soon! Unfortunately, catching colds happens pretty frequently this time of the year, and it can be hard to look at the bright side. When I am sick, I try to remember that this time is good. It is an excuse to actually not do anything. It is an excuse to spend time on Pinterest, watching tv, or planning your next greatest adventure from your bed. It is a time to take time to yourself and to relax. Sometimes, we need this time to separate ourselves from our crazy busy lives.

Get well soon!


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