Bad Day, Good Life- We will Heal

Let’s just say, I did not have the best luck this week. It seemed as if everything had gone wrong. The week dragged on and every single day was a challenge. I was frustrated at work, discouraged by others, and put down. I spread myself too thin with plans and I was not feeling the best. It was one of those work weeks.

Wednesday was NOT my day. I had an early and exhausting work day. Started my day at 5 AM, spent it under the hot sun, and after a two hour drive home, I finally made it back around 7 PM. I had one quick break on this long day that I spent eating a CRAPPY $14 salad from a little cafe on the floor.  After a long tough day, it was dinner time and all I wanted was to snap my fingers and have food magically appear. Unfortunately, “Smart Houses” like on Disney Channel Movies do not exist yet. (They really should though-except that lady was pretty creepy)

I decided to whip up some chickpea pasta. If were being honest here, I believe it tastes like cardboard with red sauce but it was the only option at the moment. I was desperate. Turned the stove on, boiled the water, put the pasta in and … got distracted. I started venting about my day and before I could help it, the water had boiled over and went all over the stove. I quickly ran over turned off the stove, removed the pan, and rinsed the pasta.

Before I go any further, I probably should have reinforced just how terrible of a cook I am. My chef skills range from burning slice n bake cookies to messing up the cereal to milk ratio.

Anyways, I finished dealing with the pan situation and went over to the stove. The stove was covered with bubbles/foam, so what did I do? I grabbed the extremely hot grate on top of the stove to clean it…With my hand.

MOTHER OF PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, 23 years old and still screaming Spongebob Squarepants slurs when I am in pain. I guess I should replace this with a curse word of some sort? What do you suggest?)

Ran over to the sink, rinsed it with cold water, scared my cat, and questioned how much more downhill life could get at this moment. I never burned myself this bad. It was a second degree burn that started blistering. All of these questions filled my head. “Why my thumb? Why did I do that? Wait will I no longer be able to use the finger print scanner on my iPhone?!”  LOL

I patched it up, applied some ointment (ointment is one of my least favorite words for future reference), and realized I needed to take a shower. FANTASTIC- this was going to hurt. I used a glove to take a shower and then quoted Elf all night saying “My finger has a heart beat.” I did not eat cotton balls though, do not worry.

The next morning, I woke up and my finger had a giant white bubble on it. I was not in pain though. As the days went on, my body started healing itself. This is when I realized just how incredible our bodies are.

We bruise, we repair ourselves, we heal. We get cuts, we repair ourselves, we heal. We burn, we repair ourselves, we heal.

Alright, Rebecca how are you tying this all together for this post?

​Well, you see we spend too much time putting ourselves down. When life fills with negative energy, (like my week for example) we dwell on the negative aspects. We start to develop a negative mindset, develop negative feelings about ourselves, the list can go on. Just as my burn took some time and ultimately healed, so will we. This week may have been bad, but it is a good life. Our bodies are incredible in the fact that they can heal themselves. We can heal ourselves, too.

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