Dreams, Do you follow them?

This morning, I woke up with one thought. I was meant to travel and photograph the world. I was not meant to stay in a job that stresses me out, or in a town where I grew up. I was meant to spread my wings a bit, I was meant to fly.

While I do not remember much of my dream,  I do remember seeing beautiful destinations. I saw cliffs, I saw water, I saw wildlife. I LOVED it.
I spend a lot of my time on Instagram, observing places I want to go and see. I can not help but question why I am staying here. Sure, there is stability in a steady paycheck. There is also little change.

I was never one to not try new things. I always wanted to challenge myself and to put myself out there. I am questioning why that has changed? Why did I stop taking risks and living life?

The struggle to set myself free has been a challenge for me since college. I did not like college in certain aspects. I disliked being stuck in one place. I did not enjoy sitting in a dorm room or being trapped without a car. I am not a Netflix binge watcher. I am also not a heavy partier or a sorority girl. I never seemed to get excited about those things. I was excited for breaks, and I was excited for day trips.

I think I lost my way a bit, and I find myself searching for a way to connect myself to this dream of mine. How can I explore and set myself free? How can I escape the standstill of this town or the routine ways of life?


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