Do Something Everyday That Scares You

Honestly, this blog scares me. Letting people I do not know into my life is scary. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and trying new things leads to growth.
Let’s take a second to think about a “scary” new risk you are anticipating…
Quitting your miserable job? Leaving a toxic relationship? Traveling to a new place? Going back to school? All can be scary. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. If you visualize success, you can achieve success. We need to start giving ourselves much more credit.
Before overcoming this scary obstacle, let’s think about why we see this obstacle as scary or a challenge…
Are you scared because it is a change? because of what other people will think? because it is dangerous? Because it is crazy?
Now think about this…
Is this reason really strong enough to hold you back from trying something new?
There is a reason this thought popped into your head. Internally, you feel a change is needed in your life. You deserve better, you can achieve greater, and you are preparing yourself for this change. Ultimately, there is always the potential to try and then fail. However, it is much better to try and fail then to not try at all. 
So I challenge you here, to try something everyday that scares you. Small or big. Life changing or miniscule. We must take risks and try new things to grow as individuals. You deserve more than an unsatisfactory life. You can achieve great things. Here I am, blogging and photographing my life for the world to see. Why? Because I believe this is the next adventure in my life journey. Now it is time for you to start yours!

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