Shop Small, Win Big

Stand out this holiday season with unique finds from boutiques and small businesses! When you support small businesses, you are supporting an entrepreneurial mindset and making a small business owner smile. I can guarantee it because my mother is a small business owner and she is very happy to receive orders.
Are you stumped on what gifts to give this holiday season?  You can find  creative gifts for loved ones at online boutiques and small shops in town.
I shop small to find different pieces at an affordable price. I personally enjoy making a purchase more intimate rather than making purchases at a mass retail location.
XOMandySue is a boutique operating in Newport Beach, CA and offers a wide range of unique beachy finds for the beach babe in you! I highly recommend checking out their website for great accessories and clothing pieces.

This dress definitely makes a statement. It is titled the “Bridgette Dress” and is made of lightweight flowy material that blows nicely in the wind. The bright pattern and colors are great for any background. This dress is sure to make a statement, but in a gypsy, boho fashion. Full price, this dress is only $49.00 on xomandysue website!

These photos were taken fairly close to my home in New Jersey. (I know right?!) Most people do not believe NJ can be beautiful, but I am determined to convince you otherwise.
This dress can be worn with boots, booties, or flats on a day out or can be transformed with heels for night life. I decided to pair this dress with some lace up booties. I am on the shorter side, so it was a bit long on me without the added height. 🙂

I can not decide if it offers more of a kimono vibe or a tropical vibe, and that’s what makes it so unique!


This next piece is the Boardwalk Dress from XOMandySue. This dress is a bit different and features more of an outdoorsy, beach vibe. While I would have loved to rock this at the Jersey Shore, it is SO cold out here. (too cold, like time to move its that cold) I decided to take it to a park nearby and pair it with this chunky belt. I can not wait to wear this to the beach this summer with a cute pair of Vans.

Do you enjoy pieces like these? Head over to
The next time you decide to go shopping, consider shopping small. You can win big!


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