It’s Time to Disconnect With JORD

Did you ever hear the song, “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin? I highly recommend playing it while reading this post. It will give you all the feels, and make you realize how arguably the most important thing we have in this life is TIME. Honestly ask yourself, “how much time do I spend looking down at a screen throughout my day?”  Now ask yourself, “How can I lower this?” 

For your listening enjoyment:

It is time to disconnect. Time to put down your smart phone or your tablet, and it is time to enjoy life. Time to see the beauty around you, and time to spend time with those who matter most. Time to see that the sun rises every morning and sets every night, and thats one thing in this crazy, beautiful life that you can count on.

The next time you are out in nature or with family and friends, I challenge you to only bring one thing with you- a watch. Keep track of the time you are spending with those who matter doing what matters, and make sure it is more time than you are spending in front of a screen. At the end of the day, your electronics will always be there, but your loved ones may not.

I grew up listening to this song, this classic tune that is pumping through your veins right now. I consider myself lucky for having this lesson embedded in my brain, but I may forget about it sometimes. We tend to get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing, that we forget to live our own lives to the fullest.

You grow when you step out of your comfort zone, and this may be just the step that you need. The next time you feel yourself getting wrapped up in your electronics or when you are about to attend a family function, play this song. Disconnect yourself and just listen, now pick up only your watch and go.

I decided to take some time over the weekend to enjoy the sun. With a hectic work schedule and many hobbies, I often forget how important it is to take time to relax. I spent my Sunday relaxing on my favorite blanket, visiting two of my favorite places, and spending quality time with friends.

My morning started off wonderful when I met a good friend for brunch. She is one of those amazing friends who encourages me to pursue my dreams and inspires me to dream bigger. I genuinely believe she puts my best interest first-something that is rare in nowadays. We enjoyed egg white omelets with kale and mushrooms, and a delicious side of sourdough bread. (Please note- We only picked this because It is bikini season.) When a typical hour-long brunch ends up lasting hours, you know you have a great friend. We lost track of time while discussing our future summer plans and before we knew it, it was time to move on with our days (mainly because our parking meters were up)

After brunch, I headed to one of my favorite places in New Jersey to go for a hike. This location combines the water with the mountains and honestly, I could not ask for anything more.  As we become older we sometimes forget what it is like to explore like a child. Hiking helps me remember this feeling and how important this feeling is to self growth.

I took some time to unwind and enjoy my environment. Birds chirping and nature sounds helped make this location that much more calming. The hike was easy yet enjoyable. Before I knew it, time had flown by. From here, I headed down the shore with some friends. We had a great time together-surfing, swimming, and stopping at our favorite taco restaurant. I wished that if I turned back the hands on my watch, the day would reverse and the dreaded Monday would not have to come.

I brought my Frankie Dark Sandalwood and Smoke JORD Watch on this day full of adventures. This beautiful wooden watch was all I needed on this day to myself- it is simple, beautiful, and can be dressed up or dressed down. ( )

Now when I am back at work and I look down at the watch, I am reminded how precious time really is. How fast or slow it can go by, and how  life is all about perception. I am reminded to make the best of the time I have and how important it is to enjoy every moment- even when I may not be in my favorite places.

Looking for a new time piece? Enter my giveaway for a chance to win $100 credit to JORD Watches. Best Part? Even if you do not win, you will still receive $25 towards a new watch.

​The next time you are on an adventure, simply bring along this beauty and enjoy your time!


***The company mentioned provided product as compensation; however, Rebecca only showcases products she admires and believes in. 

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