You’re Beautiful, Really.


This is going to be a short post. I want you to read it when you have those moments of low self esteem. You’re beautiful, really.

Ya see, appearance is all about perception and personal preference. I am not going to sugar coat this and say that we only care about what is on the inside. The harsh reality is that appearance does play a role in who were attracted to/who we admire. To someone else, my idea of pretty could be way off. For example, I grew up wishing I had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was naturally tall and thin. I disliked my body type- a petite athletic build. I disliked my natural hair color- almost black. I disliked my chubby cheeks, my small boobs, the list goes on. At low points, I dwelled on these “imperfections.” I wanted to look like someone else, I forgot to love myself.

So I lost weight, I dyed my hair blonde, I finally tried to be my idea of “perfect.” Guess what? I was not happier, I was not healthier, I was far from perfect. I approached my family and friends about the situation. Guess what they said? They preferred darker hair, and “more” to love. I thought that was crazy? I was finally molding into what everyone wants to see. Boy was I wrong.

Everyone wants to see you happy, healthy, and confident. That is beautiful. Your hair color and weight do not define beautiful. There is someone out there who thinks you are the most gorgeous individual on the planet, just the way you are, right now. Please try to remember this when you’re wishing you looked like someone else.

We are our own toughest critics and sometimes being hard on ourselves comes natural. I understand how you’re feeling. It can take years to love yourself, and you do not have that kind of time to convince anyone else. You’re beautiful, really.

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