Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park definitely makes my list of favorite places. I received an incredibly unique feeling while walking through Yosemite Valley. I was free, yet I felt uneasy at times. I was surrounded by nature in a wonderful way, but I had poor cell phone service and I was removed from civilization for days. I had never seen trees this tall and mountains this large. I had never seen more waterfalls in one place, and I had never wanted to capture more memories to show my family and friends.
I went to Yosemite in April, which was a nice time to go. It was supposed to rain, but the world was on my side that weekend. The weather was nice- in the 60’s and the sun filled the sky on my trip. Unfortunately, there was still snow in some spots of the valley. With these conditions, I could not see Glacier Point on my trip. (All the more reason to return back hehe) Also, it was National Parks Weekend! Admission was free!

My favorite Parts of Yosemite National Park:

  • Vernal Fall Hike- 10/10 would recommend. This is a short hike, but it is mainly vertical. I really enjoyed the stone steps and the mist from the waterfall on the way up. There are many great places for photos as well!
  • Yosemite Falls- Shocker, right? Well there are actually two parts to this stunning waterfall. The top fall is great to view from afar. There is a really nice pull off where you can take awesome shots! The lower falls is amazing to see up close and personal. We walked through the snow to a wooden bridge with close access to the falls. Fortunately, we ventured over on the perfect morning and were blessed with a rainbow.
  • Tunnel View- Tunnel View takes the top slot for me. There was a feeling I could not explain when I saw Tunnel View for the first time, but I will try. It was almost unreal. The mountains, waterfalls, and trees all came together to create a picturesque image in my mind. Everything merged together into one view, that looked as perfect as a painting. This was our last stop for the day, and I was in absolute awe.


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