My Week in the Big Apple

For those of you who do not know, I grew up visiting NYC for auditions and go sees as a child model. As I grew older, I liked NYC less and less. The loud noises, the smell of urine, the grumpy attitude, I can go on. Last week, I spent a three nights and four days in NYC and I rekindled my attraction for the place quite a bit. I wanted to share a recap of my week with you guys, so you have some idea of what my pictures were from.

My time actually started off in Jersey City for a work meeting, followed by a work dinner in NYC on a boat. I checked into my hotel, the MOXY Times Square and relaxed before the night.

Let’s just say, I get seasick, motion sick, all of the above. I thought “hey its a nice boat cruise, the boat will not even feel like its moving,” that was far from accurate. The boat rocked back and forth, but after a nice mixed beverage and some food in my belly, I did not seem to notice. I wore that cute little number as seen above, and felt like an absolute princess. This dress was from Bloomingdale’s and I paired it with some chunky suede booties. After dinner, we headed out to a roof top igloo bar in NYC. This was an Instagram find by yours truly, and maybe it should have stayed an Instagram find because it was no where near as nice as I anticipated. How do these instagrammers make some places look so amazing?! Then you get there and you’re like uhh… this is kinda cool/subpar/I wanna go home and put on my fleece-lined leggings.

The next day came and I had some meetings and set up and such- preparation for the Jingle Ball Pre show. After the set up, I had the night off! Woo! I hit the town with my coworker and we saw Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center Tree, and got dinner. It was cute and fun, and surprisingly not super busy.

On Friday, we had the Jingle Ball Pre show. I treated myself to a green spinach acai bowl with added protein for breakfast before a long day. We had the pre show, then the actual Jingle Ball concert. It was SO cool seeing the Chainsmokers (especially Drew) at the concert. Overall, it was very cool but I also felt very old at my young age of 23 considering majority of the crowd was pre teens and parents.

On Saturday, we headed out of NYC as snow fell on the ground. What a lovely sight, but also a scary for driving sight!

After a fun trip, I needed to relax. NYC really can take it out of you. A lot of champagne, a lot of yummy food, but also a lot of hard work went into this business trip.


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