Pescatarian Diet Results-One Week

Well ladies and gentlemen, I decided to make a diet change. I decided the eliminate poultry and red meat from my daily menu. This was not an easy task considering I ate chicken or turkey at least once, usually twice a week. The goal of achieving 100 grams of protein a day was embedded in my mind. I needed protein and poultry-based protein was an easy efficient source for me. My friend went Vegan about a year ago, and for so long, I did not understand why. Just recently, I opened my mind to a vegan documentary and I learned a great deal. I learned about the side effects of an animal-based protein diet as well as the effects it can have on my digestive tract and overall, my life.

Currently, I’m focusing on maintaining a plant and fish based diet. (I know right, I am like a cannibal mermaid!) I rarely have fish, but I needed some source of protein to mentally help this transition. I expanded my daily menu from chicken, turkey, and sides to fruits, veggies, and fish. This is a big change for someone who is used to a more macronutrient focused diet-where protein, carbs, and fat are the primary focus.

​I have been having a lot of fun with this new lifestyle change, and I am enjoying trying new foods and making new recipes! Here are some of my favorite go-to’s:

Don’t these dishes look pretty? So full of colors, nutritional value, and delicious-ness! 😉

So what is my new diet exactly?
-No Chicken/Meat
-Eggs- OK
Fish- OK
-Grains- OK
-Dairy- OK (in moderation)

I suppose you could call this similar to a “Pescatarian” diet, where the primary focus is vegetarian/plant/fish based.

It has been one whole week since I started this plant/fish based diet and lifestyle. So far, I am really enjoying the freedom of eating unlimited fruits and veggies. Prior to this diet, fruits were seen as carbs and sugar for me. Fruit was not my favorite food to fit my macros.

Mind- Initially, overwhelmed. How was I going to survive without chicken or turkey? Will I gain weight? lose muscle? After a week, I feel great and confident that I can keep this up. I decided that I will not let it consume me, and that food intake is only a small portion of my big life. While at a friends house, I will not refuse to eat if there is only chicken options. When I am on my own, I am going to try to stick to fish/plants.

Body- I started to lose some inches off my waist already. Crazy I know, but I somehow fit into a 00 short from Abercrombie. I am way less bloated, and much more energized.

Spirit- Feeling good overall, and more confident. I feel like this diet change is good for me, even if it is just a detox not permanent. Who knows, It may be!

Thanks for checking in after one week, I will be sure to keep updated you on how this whole new lifestyle goes. What diet do you follow?


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