Tone it Up! Community & Tour

As a frequent gym attendee, I am always looking for new work outs and fun styles to try. For years, I tried a variety of different programs including BBG and workouts. No workout program has sculpted my body to be long and lean quite like the Tone it Up! program. I am challenged every day with timely and fun workouts. While it can be a struggle on somedays, I feel GREAT afterwards. I have been a TIU fan for years now, and it has been so amazing to watch them grow from a small company to such a success.

In the fall, I attended the Tone it Up! tour, where Tone it Up fans from all over came together to work out and enjoy some festival activities. I honestly can say that the Tone it Up! tour was absolutely amazing. Being surrounded by a positive, energetic, active and healthy community of ladies for an entire day of fun was just what I needed during a stressful time. The event lasted from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Philadelphia. My friend, Anna, joined me for this cool event.


Karena and Katrina generate amazing workouts and weekly schedules that I enjoy following. I was SO excited to have the opportunity to work out with them, and with the goddess of fitness- Jillian Michaels. She kicked my butt!

When we first arrived, we recieved some really cool swag! Each participant received a Tone it Up! backpack, resistance band, hat, and a sweat towel. Super cute! We proceed to the venue of this outdoor event. There was a braid bar, massages, and various sponsors. Anna and I enjoyed Kambucha and Core water while we waited for Jillian’s workout class. Additionally, we listed our goals on pieces of paper (with my old instagram handle) and pinned them to a board. It was so inspiring to see all of the goals. We can do anything!


We set up our yoga mats for Jillian’s workout- She came out and crushed it with a high energy, fast paced, high intensity workout. I felt sore the morning after! She is a BEAST. This was my first time doing a Jillian Michaels workout and I LOVED it.

After Jillian’s workout, we had a brief break before Karena and Katrina time! The energy and love felt throughout the field was immense. Every lady there was apart of the Tone it Up! community and the air was welcoming and warm. Karena and Katrina came out and led a fun workout-with lots of dancing, booty shaking, and classic moves. I had a great time!

Once we finished with the Tone it Up! workout, it was time to enjoy the festival. Anna and I received messages, purchased coconuts and tacos, and created bracelets. This was a great ending to a fun day.

It is days like these when I feel apart of something, and it feels good. The sense of community and positive energy from the Tone it Up community was much-needed. These passed few weeks have been very stressful at work and home, and I really enjoyed my time here.

This day reminded me not only why I love working out so much, but also that anything is possible. Karena and Katrina met at a gym and combined their interests to create an empire. I am inspired to set out and reach my goals as well!

Do you work out? What is your workout routine like!?

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