Time Management Tips

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my best friends about her goals and dreams. We discussed travel and aspirations and our bucket lists. Unfortunately, many young adults are struggling with a common issue-the lack of time. While we want to see all these amazing places for ourselves, we succumb to watching others experience it on YouTube or Instagram. While we strive to reach that goal or follow our passion of starting a business, we are too wrapped up in our own busy worlds to do so. I heard a quote once and it went something like, “the problem is, you think you have the time.” I believe it’s quite the opposite actually, the issue is, we do not think we have the time.

We have work and student loans to pay back and limited vacation time. We have a lot of obligations in our young adult life, but that should not stop us from reaching our dream destinations and accomplishing our goals.

While I am no expert on the subject, I wanted to share some time management tips that have helped me along the way. I am quite strange because I physically can not procrastinate. It actually pains me to not accomplish something that I need to do… I know call me crazy, but it has helped me along the way.

While my social media showcases travel and fun lifestyle posts, I actually live a busy life. I work a full time job in marketing, I manage an Instagram account where I post at least once a day, I write on my blog, and I love to travel. I also hit the gym 5 days a week and have best friends that I make an effort to see. I am also very close to my mom and my brothers and I try to spend time with everyone including my little love bug Mr Binx. 🐱

Contrary to popular belief, last year I literally had 5 days of PTO. Within that year, I visited California twice, Disney 5 times and took various little getaway trips. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work from home, which included my beach home in the summer.

Here are my top 3 tips to Time Management:

  1. Set your priority list. Every week, every day, and every month. What do you want to accomplish? Better yet, what are you going to accomplish? You are capable of great things, you just have to believe in yourself. Do you really want to crush your work goals, do you want to plan trips for the weekend, or do you want to spend time with family and friends? Strive every single day and every single minute count towards accomplishing these priorities. What is most important to you, right now?
  2. Save your money for the big things-Like that trip you have been dying to take or that fancy restaurant you have been dying to try. So often, I hear people complain about money when they spend it on alcohol at bars every weekend. There is a fun option called pregaming. I personally would rather spend money on an adventure instead of a designer bag. Hey, if that designer bag makes you the happiest girl on earth then you may want to splurge on that instead! It’s really about what’s important to you, and you know this for yourself.
  3. Do not sleep until your list is complete or until you’ve reached your dream destination. This is more of a figure of speech but you get the idea.. See your dream, breathe it, and do it. Stay as positive as possible, find some inspiration, read articles, educate yourself. Reach out for help! You’d be surprised how much you can learn from friends, family and peers. Network and grow, and do not stop until your goals are accomplished.

Hopefully these tips provided some insight on how to accomplish your goals and manage your time. Some goals take longer than others, but that’s not to stop you from accomplishing them.

Now, to get started… let’s complete step 1. What are your priorities today, this week and this month? Do you want to save money for an adventure? Do you want to write more or photograph more or hit the gym more? Are you working towards your dream body or simply striving to spend more time with loved ones? Whatever your goals are, have confidence that you can achieve them. It just takes a little time, and you’d be surprised how much you have!

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