“The Endless Summer”

On a trip to Miami, I came across this adorable store front. It has yet to open and I honestly have no idea what it will be- a cafe, a store, a tanning salon? who knows, but I do know that it had me thinking… (and it had a picturesque vehicle out front.)

The Endless Summer is one of my favorite old movies. It was directed by Bruce Brown, and revolves around the idea of chasing the summertime and capturing the perfect wave. This unique concept- to chase summer time and to experience the feeling of summer ideally forever, has stayed with me since the first time I watched. I have this sense of wanderlust where I crave the summer sun and the adventures that come with it. I find myself sad and bored in cold, dark months in NJ and I need to travel around until it warms up here. At this point in my life, I am unsure where I will set up my life for good, but I do know one thing- I will continue to chase that summer feeling. 

Summer- is it a place, time of year, or a state of mind? There are a few ways to look at summer and to interpret it. First, Floridians sometimes claim that Florida is the endless summer; they even have the film’s cover on their license plates! Next, summer exists in NJ from June to September. It is warmer since the sun is stronger and time is spent outside soaking up the sun.  Lastly, summer can be a state of mind. In my mind, summer is happiness and adventure and exploration. Summer is feeling alive and well and living for the moment. Summer is a great mentality to have, regardless of where you live or the time of the year. 

I guess what I mean when I say that I chase summer, is that I am chasing these adventures and these amazing feelings. I want to feel alive and well everyday, and for me, being in the sun and going on adventures helps me accomplish this feeling. For others, “summer” may be a Netflix binge or cooking up a fun recipe or getting lost in a good book. No ones “summer” is better than anyone else, as long as we are all happy.

This was a quick post, but I had a lot of thoughts to write down in a quick period of time.

I hope you chase your summer today.

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