March Travel Essentials

Let’s just say this week (and March in general) is going to be insane! My weekly schedule consists of working Monday, traveling Tuesday-Wednesday night (if I am lucky), working Thursday, Photoshoot Friday, and then leaving Monday for another trip. With all of these events, I am packing my life away today. I like to be prepared so I do not have to stress about it later. I created a cute little flat lay to show some of my travel essentials, but of course there are more! 😉

From Right to left, I will go through the essentials but then I am going to share some additional must pack items below!

  1. Laptop- I have a MacBook Air, and its super light and I love it! Depending on the trip duration, I may or may not bring my MacBook. For this particular trip, I am packing my work Mac.
  2. Laptop Case- How adorable is this case? It is padded to protect my computer even more.
  3. Passport- If necessary
  4. Fun Photo Props- I purchased these adorable shell floats to hold my cocktails on trip #2.
  5. Baseball cap- for bad hair days or super sunny days!
  6. Bali Body- I am super excited to try this product out! I am extremely pale so I hope this helps me with my tan, while also protecting my skin with SPF.
  7. Small Purse for going out- perfect for dinners, etc
  8. Hydroflask- Important to stay hydrated and keep your drinks cool!
  9. Sunbum sunscreen- Important to protect your skin!
  10. Camera- I never leave home without it 🙂
  11. Beanie- Unfortunately, I am most likely headed towards a nor’easter. This cute double pom beanie should keep me warm and lookin cute!
  12. Suede Wedges- Love these because they can be dressed up or down!

Other Essentials Not Pictured:

  • Advil- I get migraines spontaneously and Advil is my go to for any sign of a headache/migraine
  • Hair Supplies- I need my brush and flat iron on any trip! I try not to wash my har so much so I am a big fan of dry shampoo!
  • Toothbrush/tooth paste- We have to keep those pearly whites bright
  • Sneakers/Workout Clothes- You never know when you might have a spare second to get a pump in!


Hopefully these travel tips help you pack for your next adventure! What are your must haves?

Safe travels!

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