The Best Day Ever

With work and life stressors, my friend Hannah and I were craving adventure and we desperately needed to get away.  We headed to one of the most relaxing, tropical places I have ever been -the Bahamas. 

I recently returned from this trip, and I am suffering from post-vacation withdrawal. Here are all the details: 

Our trip was planned on a bundle deal through Cheap Caribbean. To be honest, we were skeptical about booking through this site. After this amazing trip, I would definitely book another trip with this agency! We flew on American Airlines both ways, and had positive experiences. I am new to flying with American Airlines, but I would definitely fly this airline again. 

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We flew out of Newark Liberty International Airport on Saturday and flew back on Wednesday night. After a brief layover in Miami, we made our way to Nassau, Bahamas. Night one was very relaxed; we enjoyed dinner and explored the resort. We opted for an all-inclusive, which was great. I typically do not stay at all-inclusive resorts but I really enjoyed it. More time to relax and less to worry about! 

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On Sunday, we relaxed by the beach and pool. The weather was expected to be thunderstorms, so we were overjoyed when we actually had decent weather. I utilized the resort gym daily and enjoyed relaxing outside. Of course, we had many photoshoots and outfits planned… I will go on about our tips and tricks to getting vacation shots in another post 🙂 


Now its time to talk about the BEST DAY in the Bahamas…

Monday was an incredible day; it was jam-packed full of adventure and good times! Being the morning people that we are..we had an early start and headed to the Nassau airport. From the airport, we flew on Bahamas air to Exuma for the day.  The flight was very quick and the employees were very friendly. When we arrived in Exuma, the tour guide picked us up for our tour. We booked a full day tour on Coastline Adventures Exuma.  By 10 AM, this day was already off to an amazing start!

At around 10:30 AM, our boat left the dock for our full day adventure. To begin, we visited the world’s smallest beach. Then, we jumped off the boat and went snorkeling where one of the 007 movies was filmed! This was an incredible experience- swimming in the clear water and seeing tropical fish was something I will never forget. It was definitely worth messing up my hair and make up 🙂


Next, we headed to the Instagram- famous Pig Beach! They were absolutely adorable…but I also found them intimidating. The big momma pigs would literally “bite you in the butt” (as our tour guide described it!) if you turned your back on them or did not give them food! The babies were my favorite-so entertaining to watch them walk around and come up to you looking to make friends. We fed them, took some photos, and then we were on our way.


The next stop was the mile-long sandbar… what a sight! I love the ocean and I enjoy a beautiful, peaceful sandbar. This sandbar was unlike any sandbar I had ever seen at the Jersey Shore. It was pure magic! I mean.. look at these colors!

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 1.58.46 PM.png

After spending some time wandering around the sandbar, we headed to Compass Cay. There is a $10 per person docking fee here, and it was well-worth it! This was my favorite stop, and this stop provided an experience that I will remember forever. We swam with sharks! They were beautiful and calm. I am unsure if it was the Dramamine (I get seasick) or if I was just in a fearless mood, but I was not scared at all. The sharks were of all sizes- big and small. They were also hungry, so the locals were feeding them as we swam. PSA: They do not eat people.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 2.20.41 PM.png

After swimming with the sharks, we went into town for lunch. We walked through the streets of Exuma to a local lunch spot. Lunch was probably my least favorite part…not the best food but it held us over until we got back to our resort.

Unfortunately, there was a storm making its way to us. With our newly full stomachs, we headed to the last stop- the Iguana Beach! We did run through a rainstorm on our way to this island, but we were still able to see these fascinating creatures! The iguanas were SO cool-very calm and just living life. We served the iguanas some lettuce and watched them walk around. It was a fun last stop!


We got a ride back to the airport, and after a minor delay, we were on our way back to Nassau. Unfortunately, the hotel buffet had closed by the time we returned. Fortunately, the chef was from Exuma and hooked us up with some jerk chicken, corn, and rice! Delicious!

This day was an adventure that I will never forget. We slept very well on Monday night and enjoyed two relaxing days before flying home. We went paddle-boarding, swimming, and exploring the resort area. Our flight home had two delays, but we made it home safe and sound.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 2.07.55 PM

This trip was definitely one for the books, and if you know me, you know I am already thinking, “where to next?!”


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