Trust Your Timing

We have heard the phrase, “trust your gut” but have you heard “trust your timing?” Do you believe it? Timing is interesting, as is life and the path we each take. Do you believe in timing or do you believe you make your time?

As I grow through my twenties, I have been thinking a lot about this phrase lately. I think about where I am, with who I am with, and what I am doing, and why. I think about the chances and risks out there and I think about why I am taking the ones I am- Why I decided to try new things and why I enjoy the things that I do. We are all learning, growing, and experiencing in our own time. We all need to trust our timing.

We all have different timing for everything- maturity, relationships, moving out, marriage, kids, etc. Some of us will have the time for these things, others may chose not to devote time to it. That is what makes us unique. There is no right or wrong path- there is your path, your time.

There are a lot of quotes about “how now is the time”, and if you internally do feel it in your gut to go for something, you probably should go for it. Time is everything we have. Who we chose to spend it with is the only thing that is just as important.

If you are contemplating a change, there is a reason. It just may be the time to go for it- to take the leap, to try something new, to GROW. If you do not trust this timing, when will you?

After a conversation with a close friend, I realized just how strange this stage of my life is and just how different your “twenties” can be. My friend is set in her ways of marriage, kids, the house, the whole nine yards. Me? I am still set on growing, learning, and adventuring. I see myself as an old soul with the heart of a big kid. I spend a lot of time in my head, but boy does growing up scare me. We are only a year apart, yet we have entirely different mindsets and time frames.

If there is one thing to take away from this post it is that your time is different than someone else. Stop comparing your timing to others. Just because someone else is ready for the next step in life, does not mean you have to be and vise versa. The twenties are a strange stage of growth in your life- your friends are all growing at different rates. You may choose to devote more time towards adventures or self-growth while others focus more on their relationships and future plans. This does not mean one situation is better than the other. We are all different- we all need to trust our timing.

How do you feel about timing? Are you planning your time or just letting things happen? Do you trust yours?


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