Tips for Finding Adventures

I receive a lot of DM’s about adventure spots- how I find them, where to find them, and when to go. In all honesty, “the world is your oyster” and there really is the opportunity to find adventure in so many locations.

“Adventure” is a general, broad term. To me, adventure means stepping outside your comfort zone and exploring. Adventure can be found in new places as well as places you’ve been before. It is all about your mindset.


In this post, I am going to focus on adventure as a new place to explore. 

So, you have a travel bug… or maybe you have a day off from work and you are unsure how to spend it. Here are some resources to find adventure near you:

  • The World Wide Web (Yes, I did just call it that) The internet is a great resource for finding new exciting places. Unsure what to enter in your Google search bar? These all seem to work for me:
    • National Parks near ______
    • Hiking near________
    • Trails near_______
    • Oceans, rivers, lakes near______
    • Waterfalls near ______

Then, go go go! Set aside the time to travel and make it happen. If it is a few hours away, that is totally do able! Just make a day/overnight out of it. You’d be surprised how much is in your area. Don’t be afraid to set an alarm clock for it!

  • Facebook (Yikes…) To be honest with you, I found Green Lakes State Park while scrolling through my Facebook feed! I literally saw a video on it and immediately planned a trip. I needed to see this blue/green water for myself!

Facebook is tricky because there might not be an exciting video directly on your feed. It may take a few videos and they may also be far away destinations. 

  • Instagram (there’s location geo-tags for a reason!) Look up some cool spots in your area, and do your research. You know the place is instagrammable already 😉
  • Airbnb (for a stay-cation) This is more of an indoor getaway. Looking to travel somewhere for a short stay that is not too far away? Maybe you always wanted to stay in a tiny loft or a enjoy a luxurious set up? Your airbnb could be an adventure within itself! Airbnb offers an explore option where you can seek out interesting and unique homes.  Before you book, consider travel time and also look into adventures in the area.

When Thomas and I booked the NY trip, I immediately searched for other cool spots in the area. There was a fun waterfall hike not too far away that we also enjoyed!

  • Go exploring! Talk to friends and family who enjoy the same. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time with my super cool younger brother. He has an adventurous mindset like yours truly and knows many cool adventure spots. Yesterday, he showed me this one. We spent the day on a canoe and then exploring a very cool area. Talk to your friends, family, and loved ones. See if they have any cool spots-then go for it! I really enjoyed spending time with my brother on this adventure. It is a great way to bond with someone too!

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 6.10.41 PM.png



I hope these resources help you plan a fun adventure!



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