Life gets Better after High School

This blog post is long overdue. I like to keep my posts easy to read and simple, so I am going to do just that. To be honest with you, high school definitely had its ups and downs. Freshman year was a rough year, I did not have many friends and I felt very alone. Fortunately, life got better as I grew through high school. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I was involved and had some friends. There are certain things about high school life that I would not want to deal with again including judgement, negative energy, bullies, boring classes,  feeling alone, etc. Additionally, there are definitely people I could go without seeing again in my life- and this is the beauty of life after high school.

In the real world, YOU are in control of your decisions, where you are, and who you spend time with. To some, this is incredibly nerve-racking. To others, this is exciting. It really depends on your personality and life experiences.

For me, I enjoy being in control and having the opportunity to express myself without feeling like everyone is judging. (To be honest, they probably are… I see who watches my IG story) When you are out of the daily judgement zone, life is a breath of fresh air. I was not one to care too much about what people thought of me, but I definitely have a sensitive side. The brutal truth- kids are mean and bullies suck. The reality of life after high school- there are still bullies and mean people, but at the end of the day, YOU can decide whether to associate with them or not-Whether to let it get to you or whether to move on and spend time with different people. In high school, you are surrounded by the same group of kids every single day. Finding an escape can be very difficult.

To further this, you can decide who you want to spend time with. You are no longer forced to surround yourself with people from your classes. In my life, there is minimal drama. To be honest, I never enjoyed drama. My closest friends are from college, work, and from friends of friends. I enjoy meeting new people who have an open perspective. No one knows about your past anymore- you can choose how to spend your future. I choose positivity and surrounding myself with girl bosses who have big dreams and plans!


In addition to choosing who you associate with, you also choose how much you want to share with the world. Do you want to tell your story like me? Do you want to stay private? In my opinion, neither is right or wrong. It is all apart of our journey. I choose to let others see my journey on social media because I enjoy it. How much you share and what you share is entirely up to you.

Last and most importantly, you are in control of it all- your career, your housing, your location, your dreams, your friends, your family, your TIME.  You are no longer stuck in the same building Monday through Friday from September to June. You can travel, create, work, live, and spend time how you please. 

My brother is in high school right now, and he struggles with accepting the concept of school being such a large portion of his life. I can not help but agree with his stand point. Life is short, and when we are forced to spend it in a situation where we are not happy, it absolutely takes away from time we could be happy. The last job I had, I was not happy. I actually had a thought of how sad I would be if I died one day and the only thing I did was work at this job beforehand. That is how I knew that it was time to say goodbye. It was time for a change.

Being in control of your life is intimidating, but it is a journey that will grow you far more than any classroom setting.

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