Family Adventure Time

Spend time with your family, just as you are growing older so are they.

This saying really hits home for me, and motivates me to spend time with my brothers and Mom whenever possible. My family is very important to me, and I was raised with the concept that my brothers are my best friends. We are connected by blood and share a strong bond. I hope to stay close to my brothers as we continue to grow through different stages of our lives.

Recently, my brother Eric and my Mom came on a road trip planned by yours truly. We did a 6 mile hike, chased waterfalls and stayed in the middle of no where NY. (Not sure what has gotten into me lately, but I am LOVING these little adventures!)

We left for our four hour car ride on Thursday around 12:30 PM. We arrived at stop one and immediately started our waterfall hike.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 3.13.48 PM

After a day of chasing waterfalls, we headed to our hotel. I found a great deal online on a decent place. We went to Applebee’s for dinner-it was probably the only recognizable restaurant for miles. My mom enjoyed a “Bahama Momma Margarita” and I had a $3 grey goose and cranberry…couldn’t pass up the drink specials!

We actually went to Target after because I NEEDED a nice pair of sweatpants. Cold waterfall swimming=cold body temps… in July… who would have thought? After Target, we watched movies and fell asleep.

Friday, I woke everyone up bright and early! Ok ok maybe I let them rest until around 9AM. We headed to stop 2 and got a nice waterfall view. Then, we headed to Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast and DONUT FRIES! 10/10 would recommend…delish!

We headed to stop 3. This stop included a hike which lasted 6 miles for us… and BEAUTIFUL VIEWS. I mean, this place was UNREAL. I absolutely loved it!

After this long hot day, we headed home four hours. By the time we got back, I was exhausted. Your girl drove both ways! I slept great and was up and ready for the next adventure on Saturday morning!

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 3.13.26 PM

While the adventure was quite amazing, the best part was being with my Mom and my brother. We definitely need to go on more adventures together more often. I see them a lot at home, but we are always wrapped up in our phones or Netflix or computers to really connect with each other.

This trip was an eye opener for me on just how similar my brother and I are. Boy, does adventure run in the family! His eyes lit up as soon as he saw the waterfalls, and honesty that made the planning, driving, and long days all worth it.


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