I think you need to start giving yourself more credit- in fact, I think we all do. We’re moving through life, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals. You have a lot to be proud of- just by being you.

I was thinking about this the other day when I saw Halloween decorations. This is a bit of a sad story but overall, i definitely need to give myself credit for it. My freshman year of high school, I had no one to dress up with on Halloween (group costumes were a big thing). I didn’t want to go to school, but I threw together a Wednesday Addams costume and pushed through it. I was embarrassed when a classmate asked where my group was and I didn’t have one. Looking back, it makes me realize just how strong I was for going to school that day. Even though I didn’t have a group, I still went and I still dressed up. To someone, this may not seem like a big deal. To me, it was a big deal and I need to recognize it as one.

Have you held open a door recently? Given a compliment? Attended something you did not want to? Little things should be celebrated. You’re doing great.

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