Fall Bucket List

Fall is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Let’s just say I am not one of those “OMG Pumpkin spice and Uggs and sweaters!” girls (not that there is anything wrong with that). I am definitely enjoying summer, and I plan on soaking up the sun while it lasts; however, I am a huge planner, so I already have a list of Fall activities ready to go! This list is perfect for dates, unique hangouts, or family time. Let the fall festivity planning begin!

Fall Bucket List 2018: 

  1. Apple Picking
  2. Pumpkin Picking
  3. Make an apple pie!
  4. Make a pumpkin pie!
  5. Roast the pumpkin seeds
  6. Carve a Jack O’Lantern
  7. Sunflower Fields (Get there early- this is a September activity!)
  8. Hayride
  9. Haunted House/Maze (not for me, just sayin’)
  10. Rake some leaves & jump in them
  11. Nature Walk
  12. Hike
  13. Kayak/canoe down a river
  14. Visit a farm/Petting Zoo
  15. Go to a zoo
  16. Watch a scary movie
  17. Bake some slice n bake cookies
  18. Look up a fall recipe on Pinterest and Cook Dinner
  19. Make spiked apple cider
  20. Visit a local farm stand
  21. Visit a fall festival
  22. Paint a landscape
  23. Set a Fall goal
  24. Build a blanket fort
  25. Go to a sporting event- football game/soccer game/baseball game
  26. Build a blanket fort
  27. Get your holiday shopping done early
  28. Come up with a Halloween costume idea
  29. Go Black Friday shopping
  30. Go cyber Monday shopping
  31. Help with cooking for Thanksgiving
  32. Make a fun cocktail and play a drinking game
  33. Watch a scary movie and create your own drinking game…then play along!
  34. Try a new hair color!
  35. Have a spa day- at home or at the salon
  36. Eat some apple cider donuts
  37. Have a movie marathon
  38. Go for a coffee date at a cute coffee shop
  39. Attempt a corn maze!
  40. Go for a bike ride
  41. Have a bonfire with friends
  42. Plan a getaway!
  43. Plan a staycation- Book a hotel/airbnb near you!
  44. Set up a hammock in the woods and talk for hours
  45. Take a drive to the beach

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