Post workout FRÉ Detox

FRÉ hooked your girl up with another amazing product. This new product is a post workout face mask called “Detox Me.” I had a nice half day of work today, so I treated myself to a manicure and a GOOD workout- one of those workouts where you are dripping in sweat afterwards and you feel SO accomplished! I decided today would be the ultimate test  to try out this new face mask!


Steps to use FRÉ Detox Me:

  1. SWEAT– My personal favorite step! Let’s get active. To kick off this Detox Me face mask, let’s go to the gym or run outside perhaps. My workout today consisted of a 1.5 mile run on the treadmill, followed by a HIIT circuit. Woohoo! I am feeling great.
  2. Prep a post-workout protein shake. Ensure the nutrition information of your protein is beneficial. Your protein shake should be high in protein, low in carbs, low in sugar, and low in fat. I choose to use whey protein powder… but please use what works for you and your dietary needs.
  3. Let’s Detox- Gently apply a thin layer to damp skin and leave on for 1-2 minutes. If your skin is oily, the mask can stay on for 5-10 minutes. Then, rinse with cool water.
  4. Let’s Revive– Follow up this product with Revive me- FRÉ’s moisturizing serum. If you do not have this, you can use your own moisturizer.

I was actually wearing the face mask while I write this blog post… and I just rinsed it off. WOW. My skin is already much softer after just one use.


I have been searching for a product like this for a while. After I leave the gym, I feel sweaty and my pores feel clogged. This quick mask is perfect to take on the go- whether you are working out before the work day, traveling, or simply need to feel refreshed!

I am so happy with the results and I can not wait for you to try it out! I highly recommend the 123 FRÉ Set + Detox Me. This kit includes all of my favorite FRÉ Products!

For a limited time, you can receive 30 % off your own face mask by using code BECSEA at check out: 

Enjoy your detox! 🙂


**This is a sponsored post, in collaboration with FRÉ. As always, Rebecca only provides honest reviews and only showcases products which she supports and believes in. Please use at your own risk. **

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