5 Lessons Binx Taught Me

Okay, I know this may sound ridiculous. Binx, excuse me, Mr. Binx is a cat. He was previously stray, currently rocking a bow tie, and  is most likely sleeping while I write this.  While it may sound crazy, this little once wild animal has taught me so much more than just how to be a pet owner. Binx has taught me valuable lessons, and I believe that is why he walked into our lives in the first place.  If you are not convinced that pets can teach you lessons, please keep reading and let me see if I can change your mind.

1.    The most obvious- Introduce Yourself. Binx literally just showed up at our doorstep one day. He was hungry, alone, and just wanted to make some friends. He came and went and would return a few days later. Eventually, this became a nightly routine where he would just pop on over and say hello. Boy, did he get excited over the yummy food we would give him though. They say people come into your life for a reason, and I believe this is true for pets, too. Binx showed up during a really tough time for my family- a devastating event occurred, that only a few close friends know about. He offered his comfort and we offered him dinner, and soon this mutual agreement led him through our doorstep into our homes and into our hearts.

2. Rise and Shine- This one is not quite as deep as the last message. Mr. Binx LOVES to eat. In fact, having breakfast with us is the highlight of his morning. He gets excited for it, and heck I think that is how we all are.  He wakes up early every morning and graces us with his presence. I am unsure how but he knows when I wake up and waits outside my door until I open it.

3.    TV Time is Quality Time- I was never one to watch much TV. To be honest, I did not really have the time. I was always busy with activities, school, work, or adventures to really enjoy it. Lately, I have been watching Netflix with Thomas, Binx, or my brothers before going to bed. It is dark out, and I am tired from work, but this TV time is actually quality family time. It is important to spend this time watching tv and talking rather than just texting or catching up on my Instagram feed. Sometimes it is hard to find a common ground to bond with my family on and having this time is very important. Binx is always excited for TV time and he has his favorite spot on the couch for it.

4.    Play and Adventure! Mr. Binx can spend hours playing with a hair tie, but when I buy him nice cat toys, he becomes bored in 5 minutes.  It is so important to PLAY and to act like a kid once in a while. I love watching him chase hair ties or the laser pointer around. Binx is also famous for his “vacations.” These are times when he steps back into the wild to go exploring. He typically leaves when it becomes dark and comes back around 10 PM. We had a scare recently, where Binx spent two nights outside. My anxiety was through the roof! I just have to trust that he will be okay and that he knows he is always welcome at our home. I cannot believe I became so attached to a cat- when I was never a cat person!

5.    Open your Heart- In my opinion, this is the most important message. To others, Binx is not the most attractive cat- he is not from a breeder. He has a clipped ear, is overweight, and his teeth are messed up. Unfortuantely, he has a pre-existing health condition and he snores heavily and breathes heavily. We are unsure how long Binx will live. What he may lack in looks, he makes up for in heart. To me, Binx is the most handsome cat out there- especially when he rocks his bow tie.

Pets are apart of the family and are super important to growth as well as emotional stability. I genuinely believe Mr. Binx came into our lives for a reason. He appeared just at the right time, and he made us all feel better. Binx might not be the perfect, healthiest cat, but he is the perfect cat for us. I think we can all learn from this little stray Mr. Binx. I hope at some point in your life, you experience similar lessons from your own pet. I feel so blessed to have Mr. Binx in my life.

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