You’re Glowing, Babe.

I recently received a product from my friends over at FRÉ called “Glow Me.” According to, this sweat-friendly tinted moisturizer has quite a few benefits:

  • Sun protection with SPF 15
  • Moisturizes with Argania Active Complex
  • Natural glow that blurs blemishes
  • Will not clog your pores during a workout!

This product sounded so great for me. I was looking for a little something something to put on before a gym session or while I am working from home. I do not need a full face of make up, but I also have some breakouts here and there. I craved coverage that would allow my skin to breathe and cover up some imperfections. I also would like a product that smooths my face for a good gym session.

Guess what?

This product does just that. FRÉ Glow Me is a simple, easy to use product that protects you from the sun while smoothing your face and not clogging your pores! Sounds too good to be true? I thought so; I tried it myself and would recommend it to any fit girl.

FRÉ Glow Me before my workout this morning:






For more information on this product, please  CLICK ME


You can use my promo code BECSEA to receive a discount on Glow Me +123 FRÉ set. 🙂

When you use my promo code in the next 24 hours, you will receive Glow Me for FREE + 15% off  123 FRÉ set. 





*****Disclaimer: I received this product as compensation. As always, I only promote and showcase products that I support and believe in. Purchase and use at your own risk.*I love to share things I love with all of you.  If you happen to buy, you support the lady who runs this page.*******

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