My Hair Journey

Yours truly has had quite a journey when it comes to hair styles, colors, etc. I have learned a great deal about haircare from dying my hair, trying new looks, and seeing my hairstylist way too many times over the past six years. In order to see how these tips really work, I believe you should see the history of my hair and what it has gone through.


Naturally, I have very dark brown (almost black) hair. I always wanted blonde hair, and I did not really appreciate my dark brown hair (You know blondes have more fun theory and all). So as you can see in photo one, my hair is very healthy/full/long/dark and I used minimal heat products. I straightened only my long overgrown side bangs and I just let it go wavy. My senior year of high school, I decided I wanted highlights. These highlights came out more orange than blonde to be honest (top right). The rest is history from there.

I progressively went blonder and visited my hair dresser every 3 weeks for a few years to maintain a super blonde hair color. I hated my dark roots and wanted my hair as blonde as possible. During this time, I suffered from a restrictive diet, so my hair really suffered. Between the lack of nutrition as well as dying my hair, my poor hair went from long and lush to short and frail. The ends broke off and my hair was so unhealthy. It is hard to believe but I actually did not get a haircut during this time… and look how short it became!

After being blonde for a while, I wanted to try the new silver trend. It looked super cute but did not stay in for long. I was tired of spending so much money at the hairdresser. I calculated how much I spent and it was A LOT of money (We’re talking well into the thousands.)

I opted for highlights for a while and since a collaboration in May, I have not dyed or highlighted my hair. My goal is to grow it longer and then ultimately go back to my dark brown locks.

Over the next few posts, I am going to show you tips to strengthen and regrow your hair. These tips are based on personal experiences. As always, I only showcase products which I believe in and support. I look forward to showing you how to regrow and strengthen your locks, so you can channel your inner Rapunzel!





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