Solo Travel Survival Guide

Have you traveled alone before? Solo road trip? Business trip? Maybe just a day trip? If not, are you thinking about it?

Sometimes it can be nice to get away on our own. I think we learn a lot about ourselves when we are alone in unfamiliar situations. For me, this solo road trip taught me so much about myself. This was my first solo road trip, but not my first solo adventure. I took a trip to Huntington Beach when I first graduated college. That experience was different because I had a job meeting there, so there would be interaction with other humans. I had plans. This trip, it was me, the open road, an airbnb that I booked less than one week ago, and a few spots I planned to see. Talk about feeling free!

I am writing this “survival guide” as I am still here on this trip. I am leaving tomorrow morning, and I have some spare time tonight to sit in this cozy little nook and write.

As I sit here, the Morning Toast featuring “The Skinny Confidential” blogger is playing off my phone. I do not like to be here in total silence. I also realize that at 24 years old, I am still scared of the dark.. yet still need to sleep in total darkness? Not sure how that makes sense.

Okay, back on topic! Here are a few must do’s, must brings, etc to help you on your first or next solo adventure!

Must Do’s:

  1. If you are driving, ensure your car is ready to go and that you have a back up plan/triple A. If you are traveling far, do you have someone who can pick you up or meet you? Do you have triple A or a service that can come and help? This is not a fun Must do, but will definitely help you on your way!
  2. Research the area. Is it better to stay in an Airbnb or hotel? How’s the weather? To be honest with you, I am not sure why I ended up here. I always wanted to go to Maine, but more so Acadia National Park. Portland just kind of showed up on Airbnb after researching cool places to go. and yep! here I am!
  3. Know your personality- Do you like everything to be planned out? Are you spontaneous? Personality type is very important to think about while you are planning an adventure. If you know you like a plan, then select an Airbnb/hotel near places you want to go and write down all the stops you have to see.

Must Brings:

  1. Good snacks! I can not stress this one enough. Pack some good snacks so you do not need to spend money on fast food, groceries, etc while you are traveling.
  2. Camera and Tripod: I brought my Sony as well as my Amazon Basics tripod. For more tips on taking your selfies, see this blog post. 
  3. Hydroflask: It is very important to stay hydrated
  4. Pillow: Bring your own pillow. It will remind you of home
  5. Somsleep ! I could not fall asleep my first night here. I had half a can of Somsleep and passed out. For more information, please see this blog post.

If you are road tripping, I highly recommend getting some podcasts/good music ready.

My top three podcasts right now:

  1. Gary Vee Show
  2. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast
  3. Jenna Kutcher

These are all very motivating and marketing-related, so I highly recommend them if you are into marketing and growing brands.

Solo travel is not for everyone, but I really enjoyed this adventure. Taking time to get away is definitely a great method to learn about yourself, focus on your work or your hobbies and to explore! Life is happening, let’s enjoy it!

Blog post on Portland Maine coming soon!


  1. anxietyandadventures

    Love this post, it’s got me craving an adventure! I spent my day off yesterday solo (though in an area nearby that I’m familiar with) and to my surprise it was tons of fun and freeing- I enjoyed not needing to make things work with anyone else’s schedules/desires! You’ve inspired my next trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Becks Bataille

      You have no idea how much this comment means to me 💕 thank you for reading. I am so happy you enjoyed this post and that you had a great solo adventure. I was hesitant to go alone but it was such a freeing experience. Wishing you an amazing trip!

      Liked by 1 person

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