Finding Your Niche

For a while, I struggled with the whole concept of a niche. You see, I’m kind of all over the place. For example, I like to work out yet I love ice cream- so fitness coach was out, I love style yet I am definitely a fan of comfy clothes- so fashionista was out, I enjoy travel yet I can be a homebody -so full time travel blogger was out… but you know what’s in? YOU. 😉 After talking with my girl Christy Leigh about personal branding, I FINALLY FOUND MY NICHE

…and it’s you… which is in turn actually very similar to me… which is why we connected on Instagram and Maybe we connected over my lame puns, or our passions for marketing and blogging, or our common love for adventure. Maybe we connected on some darker topics, such as bullying or feeling like an outsider, depression, or suffering from an eating disorder… Or maybe you’re just creeping from high school still and do not actually engage with my content… and that’s okay too!

My new goal is to create content that provides value to YOU. I have quite a bit to share when it comes to social media, blogging, marketing, life in college and post-college, fitness, nutrition, affordable fashion, photography, self-esteem, and more. I’m pretty stoked to share and I’m even more stoked that you’re here 😘 

Need some help finding your niche?

Think about YOURSELF, maybe a year or two ago. Refer to your IG analytics to see who is following, liking, and engaging. That is your person- this person is your niche, your target consumer, your friend. 



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