January Surf Expo

Let’s talk SURF! … or better yet Surf brands and a business trip to sunny Orlando, Florida.

Yours truly took another trip to the famous Surf Expo. After September Surf Expo, I knew what I was in for… more sunshine and palm trees but also long work days!

I flew in late on Tuesday night, and arrived to the Hilton a little after midnight. The next day was set up in the hot, sweaty convention center. It was a rough morning- my hair straightener broke, I spilled coffee on my sweater, and I was running on around 5 hours of sleep. ( I NEED A SOLID 7 HOURS OKAY?)

After work on Wednesday, my hotel room got upgraded and I got fancy club access! I walked to Walgreens nearby, and found a straightener. I hit up the gym (very briefly). Then, Ana and I had dinner together at Marlow’s Tavern. This is a favorite restaurant of mine, as I visited in September and really enjoyed the food, drinks, and atmosphere. I had a fancy lil cocktail, a veggie burger, and some chickpea fries! I was feeling a meat-free day.


On Thursday, I had work from 8AM-6PM…Yikes, talk about a long day! It was very cool though;  I really enjoy talking to people and seeing new brands and new lines from established brands. I also met up with this cool dude 🙂

Ana and I went to the outlets after work. We visited Victoria’s Secret… AMAZING SALES! I could not resist. I purchased some leggings, a tee shirt, a beanie, and more… After, we enjoyed dinner at Bahama Breeze..YUM!! I had a delicious salad and we enjoyed a “coconut dream” dessert. That was not the real name of the dessert- we just decided to call it that.


On Friday, I had another long work day 8 AM-6PM. THIS DAY WAS RAD BECAUSE I GOT TO MEET MY INSTA FRIENDS! I saw Sarah, Jaime, and Lilo! Instagram can be a really cool platform. Bringing these friendships to life was probably the highlight of Surf Expo!

I was so tired after work, that I literally hit the gym for a twenty minute work out and then ate dinner the B-line Diner. I picked up some wine and snacks and called it a night early.


I was up again for an 8 AM-4 PM work day on Saturday. I enjoyed dinner at the famous diner again. After going to school in North Jersey, I developed a love for diners. I had the world’s best turkey club sandwich. (ok ok maybe not worlds best but it was really good!)

Would it be a trip to Orlando if I did not stop at Disney?!

EPCOT was on the agenda for Sunday night, and boy was it fun! Margaritas in Mexico?! count me in!

I booked the Coronado Springs-very nice accommodations and had an amazing time.

It was Disney Springs on Monday and then back to reality.

Until next time…

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