STOP Scrolling in the Morning

Today, we are going to dive in to the important topic of the “morning scroll” and why you should STOP doing it. I touched upon this topic briefly in my Instagram stories. After seeing so much

personal success with this, I feel it is necessary to elaborate. I learned about this concept from the one and only Ed Mylett, and since implementing, I have noticed so many benefits. I hope you’ll see success too!

First, what is the “morning scroll?” 

Chances are, you are very familiar with this morning scroll. In fact, many of you do it every single morning. You wake up, roll over, silence your phone alarm, and then check your texts, emails, and social networks. You scroll through Instagram, check to see how many likes your last post recieved, what your peers are up to, who accomplished what (let’s be honest, social media consists of people celebrating his/her own accomplishments), etc. This routine becomes so embedded in our brains, that we may feel incomplete without it.

Did you ever stop to think how this can affect your mindset?

When you wake up in the morning and fix on a stimulant such as your cell phone, your mind is automatically tricked to play in the defensive mode. You are receiving information in the form of text and emails and then you reply to them. This is the defensive mode because you are helping others with their problems rather than tackling your own obstacles. The content you view on social platforms, some of which can lower your self esteem (seeing photos of good looking, sometimes more “successful” people, often photoshopped), stays with you throughout the day. Whether you believe it or not, the emotions you feel from viewing a post- happy, sad, unsuccessful, or jealous, can stay with you long after you’ve exited the app. By checking your phone when you first wake up, you are responding to others rather than setting intentions for your day. Your mindset is often affected by the emotions you feel from the content in the palm of your hand.

How can we avoid this mindset shift?

PUT DOWN THE PHONE. Sounds simple, but this may be a difficult task at first. When you wake up, turn off your alarm and find something else to do for the first thirty minutes to one hour. You can start by making your bed.

Here is a video to elaborate on the importance of making your bed in the morning:


Video from

After you make your bed, give yourself this time to reflect on your day, set your intentions, and express gratitude. Did you know expressing gratitude is a skill?

I start my day by making a lift of at least 5 things that I am thankful for. Some examples: good health, a source of income, my cat, the ability to run, and upcoming adventures.

Then, I set my intentions and goals for the day. What do I want to accomplish? I think about this and maintain a planner to stay on track. It is important to consider work goals and personal goals for the day. For work, maybe you need to focus on an important project. For personal, maybe you want to hit the gym and get a good SWEAT going.

Since you’ve expressed gratitude, you have opened your heart to accept the little things and to see the good in life. This is very important. Since you’ve expressed your intentions, your mindset is ready to go and take initiative towards your plans. Stay positive, chase those dreams, you got this.

Still have time left after making your bed, expressing gratitude, and setting intentions? It is time to get ready for your day. Get dressed, make yourself a healthy and satisfying breakfast, and get ready to roll! If you are working from home and have some extra time, pick up a good book. Right now, I am reading “You’re a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero, and I am really enjoying it.

Social media is not going anywhere, but we can adapt and grow with it while developing a healthy mindset. I work in marketing and social media and maintain a personal brand, so I need to find ways to remove myself from these apps that seem to always be running.

Do you ever find yourself living in the scroll and then realize so much time has gone by? Think about all the things you could do with this time, rather than entertaining your mind with the lives of others! I am not saying delete your apps, but I do find it very beneficial to focus on your life and your goals. Create content, get inspired by others, but remember this is your life to live.

You have the ability to start your day any way you choose; make sure you start it in the best way possible for you.


** This post was inspired by Ed Mylett and his idea of not checking your phone or social media in the morning. I elaborated my own ideas and take on the concept. I do not own the rights to his idea. I am not an export nor do I take responsibility for actions made after reading this article. Please use ideas responsibly.**

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