Get Back on Track

Tis the season to refresh after travels and get that spring break/summer body. As they say, summer bodies are made in the winter and that is SO true. Due to recent travels and “treat yo self” moments, I have decided to get back on track with my workouts and eating habits.

Here are a few of my tips and tricks to get you back in that healthy mindset for Spring:

1. Set a plan! 

This may sound silly, but I recommend sitting down with a pen and planner and outlining your plan of attack. This plan will include workouts, grocery store trips, and rest days. Go ahead and add this time into your calendar.

2. Stock up on the GOOD stuff. 

My diet is very high in protein, greens, and fiber. I am NO chef, let me tell you. I honestly do not enjoy cooking at all. When visiting the grocery store, I stock up on easy to prepare foods and grab and go items. Some of my all time favorites: Fitcrunch bars, chickpea puffs, chipotle black bean burgers, Kodiak pancakes, Stevia syrup,  pre-made salads, protein bagels, Halo top, Arctic Zero, Enlightened ice cream, chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, and apples.

3. Cut back on sugar. 

Some people are great at quitting sugar cold turkey, while others need to ease into it. After visiting Disney World and Universal Studios, my body craved the sugary high carb meals that I indulged in.

Some easy fix-ins to reduce the sugar but not go crazy: Arctic Zero, Halo Top, & Enlightened Ice Cream, snack wells, and reduced calorie hot chocolate. I am fully aware these are not healthy, but are low in calories, sugar, etc.

4. Get your BOOTY to the gym..or your family room and HUSTLE.

Ironically, I actually avoid the gym at all costs now. To be honest with you, I had some creepy encounters with men there and I am in search of a new gym… but that does not mean that I stopped working out. YouTube is full of at home workouts! Personally, I use tone it up! for work outs, and I love it. Find a video that pumps you up and do it! Many require little to no equipment, but will really get your heart rate going.

5. Run, walk, hike, go outside. 

There are so many fun free ways to get active, get your body going, and motivate you. Start your morning with a walk or a run, go for a hike on the weekend, do what you enjoy, but make sure you do it. Workouts like these are my favorites because they do not even feel like a workout. Plus, you get that sunshine and fresh air! I highly recommend listening to a podcast or some of your favorite songs to get you going!

6. Have an accountability partner. 

Whether its your Mom, boyfriend, best friend, etc. getting in shape with another person can really motivate you. If you do not have one, I will gladly be your accountability partner!

I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks to getting back into shape. Let me leave you with a few more ideas to pump you up!

  • Create a new playlist
  • Purchase a new active set
  • Invest in new running shoes
  • Start a new program



**I am not an expert, so please read this article at your own risk.**





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