SPRING into Swimsuit Season ft. The Salad House

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the seasonal allergies are starting! It is SPRING…which means that we are almost to summer… and almost to swimsuit season. Yours truly is big believer in the saying “abs are made in the kitchen,” and the time is now to get movin’ and groovin’ (hence the groovy bell-bottoms). Put the winter blues aside, and spend time doing what makes you happy- whether it is creating some fun healthy recipes, trying new restaurants, or going for nature hikes outside. There are many fun ways to get in shape, to feel healthier and most importantly, happier!

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The Salad House

The Salad House opened a location in Somerville NJ. As a health and fitness enthusiast, I had to see what it was all about. Healthy on-the-go options can feel limited sometimes, so a new place that appeared to have healthy delicious food? Count me in.

On Saturday, Thomas (blogger boyfriend/photographer) and I headed to The Salad House to sample a few options off the menu and provide an honest review.

Upon walking in, we noticed how the restaurant is very open and clean. The bright green interior gives a fun, spring vibe. There is outdoor seating (too cold for now) and indoor seating, or you can take your order to go.

Thomas and I previewed the menu ahead of time online at https://www.thesaladhouse.com. The large menu offers a variety of healthy and savory options from soup to salad to sandwiches to smoothies and more.


I usually select the healthier, high protein, low carb, option for my healthy girls, and Thomas usually selects the treat yo-self while staying guilt-free option.

Thomas selected the “Turkey Meets Bacon Sandwich”, and I selected the “Oh my Gourd Salad.” I mean, how could I pass up that quality pun?

Thomas really enjoyed his savory sandwich and small side salad. According to my poll on Instagram, the sandwich was the more popular section. I asked Thomas to review his sandwich, and here is exactly what he said:

“The turkey was cooked to perfection-not too dry and the bacon, oh the bacon was crisped perfectly. Hard and soft sections throughout. The cheddar cheese was the perfect amount to handle for my lactose intolerance. Only one slice of cheese, which is not too much to overwhelm me. Also, the tomato and honey mustard combo was on par with expectations. The only change I would make would be a spicy brown honey mustard combo to give the sandwich a little kick.”

(…To be honest, I was expecting to hear “it was good,” but he really got all hardcore foodie on me with that review)

My salad was delicious and reminded me of Fall! The quinoa provided a nice change in consistency from a typical salad and the butternut squash was the perfect healthy carb balance.


The dressing was light, and the heavy walnuts balanced to match. Did you know walnuts actually look like brains, and provide omega-3 fatty acids which are brain boosting?!


The Salad House has locations across New Jersey in Millburn, Morristown, Westfield and Somerville. I highly recommend checking it out, next time you are in one of these areas. The healthy menu options, bright and fun atmosphere, and friendly staff all make The Salad House a great restaurant. Celebrate Spring with the Salad House!

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For more information, please see https://www.thesaladhouse.com


**This post was written in collaboration with The Salad House. As always, I only review and showcase brands that I truly admire. The review is based on personal experience at the Salad House in Somerville NJ on March 23, 2019. **

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