Killington, VT Travel Tips

For my birthday weekend, a few close friends and I headed to Killington for a day on the slopes and a few nights on the town. While the trip was brief, we had so much fun! Here is a recap of our weekend, which will show you how to make the most out of your short trip to Killington, Vermont.

If you are a snowboarder or skier, you have probably heard of Killington. The famously-known mountain is a popular spot for seasonal tourists as well as locals. Thomas and Justin have been here before, but this was a first for Cassidy and myself.

We rented our skis ahead of time from a local shop and packed up Justin’s SUV on Sunday.

TIP: Rent your equipment from a local place and not from the mountain to save $. We rented from Pelican, but check around your area to see if there is a local ski/snowboard shop nearby. 

After a few pit stops along the way, we made it to Vermont around dinnertime. We unloaded the car, and headed to a sushi place nearby.  The food was OK and a bit pricey. To be honest, Killington is not the most happenin’ spot. There are a few restaurants along a road; there is no downtown. Since it is late in the season, it was pretty dead.

TIP: Pack snacks, protein bars, beverages, etc. Come on, everyone loves snacks. 

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We enjoyed each others company and headed to the condo where we had some drinks and watched a movie.

TIP: Purchase your lift tickets ahead of time! We purchased ours online the night before for $95 each vs. the typical cost of $120 each at the door. 

It was an early start on Monday morning (my birthday wooooo)! We woke up, put on our gear, and headed to the shuttle. Let me tell you, walking in ski boots is HORRIBLE. It is so uncomfortable, but we survived. I wore fleece leggings, snow pants, a thick winter jacket, a zip up jacket, and a long sleeve active top to the mountain.

We picked up our cards that allow access to the lift and headed for the slopes. Thomas and I started on the green mountain, and Cassidy and Justin headed for the bunny slope. Cassidy and I are beginners at skiing. I have not gone since I was a kid, and Cassidy only went once this year!

To be honest, ski lifts scare me. I have heard horror stories about people falling off, the lift stopping short, etc. Thankfully, there is a lap bar but we did encounter some turbulence on that ride…

At the top of the mountain, I tried to practice the famous “French fry/Pizza” stop and totally ATE SNOW. I really wish Thomas filmed it on the GoPro because it was HILARIOUS.

I picked myself back up, and Thomas held my skis while I went down with him stopping me. Great workout for my triceps (lol).

After we got to the bottom, we met with Cassidy and Justin on the bunny slope. I decided to practice there with Cassidy, and the boys went off on the big slopes. Cassidy and I had a great time, crushing it on the bunny slope. We went inside for some water and to relax, and met up with the boys after.

We enjoyed a Waffle Cabin waffle. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was also #waffleday so that was a really rad coincidence.

TIP: Enjoy a waffle cabin waffle with chocolate syrup! The sugar and carbs were great fuel for a day on the slopes. 

Then, we ventured to the green slope again. I went down by myself this time. Cassidy and Justin joined us and we were having fun! After a few runs, Thomas convinced us to head to the blue slope. He claimed the blue was really like a green and that the view from the top of Killington was worth it… let’s just say IT WAS NOT. Well, we did not make it there.

We took the first lift up, and saw a great view. Cassidy and I realized this was a blue, nothing like the green and we became VERY upset. We ate snow, she hit a skier, a snowboarder plowed into me, it was a disaster. Let’s just say that attempt did not end well for us girls… or for the guys.

Cassidy and I were exhausted after that one… but I could not end on that terrible note. I did the bunny slope and then the green again. I met Cassidy inside for beer and lunch. Justin and Thomas went off to the big slopes again.


TIP: Lodge food can be pricey, but the atmosphere is nice to relax and catch up with friends. 

We met up with the boys after and decided it was cocktail and hot tub time. Unfortunately, the hot tub was closed. 😦 We all went to the condo, and one by one everyone napped (except for me who could not fall asleep). We were all exhausted.

At around 6:30 pm or so, we headed into the town for my birthday dinner. We ate at Charity’s Saloon. The food was just okay. The margarita barely had any alcohol. To be honest, the food in Killington is disappointing.

TIP: Bring some food to enjoy at the condo/resort. The restaurants were mediocre. 

We went to the gift shop and market place. The bars seemed dead, so we headed back to the condo. We drank, watched tv, and laughed. It was a good time.

On Tuesday, we packed up and headed to breakfast. The breakfast was by far the best meal we ate the entire trip!

While the trip was short, we definitely made the most of it. To be honest, Cassidy and I were pretty sore and content with one day on the slopes. We drove to the ski rental shop and returned our equipment on the way home. It was a great trip with great friends!


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** This post was written based on personal experiences. Use tips at your own discretion. **

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