Cute, Simple, Affordable Spring Looks

It’s finally getting warmer out here in New Jersey, and time for some Spring fashion. Yours truly is a bargain shopper- hitting up the sales, and searching for unique finds to wow the crowd (and by crowd, I mean basically just my cat).

Here are a few simple spring outfits- all super affordable yet do not look like it!


Outfit #1: The Velvet Dress

Oh la la, this look is perfect for fancy spring events or for a boho chic look at your family’s Easter party.


Guess where it is from?

Forever21! I ordered this dress a little while back online. No place to wear it, but it looks so nice against all the greenery here.

Outfit #2: The Notebook gone Rad

I need to get better at these names… but this was the best I could come up with. The high waisted paper bag shorts are my FAVORITE summer fashion piece. The cropped sweater is Forever 21 as well and the high socks are probably Forever 21.. but I have had them for a while so I can not be 100% sure. Anyways, I am loving this look. I feel super confident in it and the socks with the shorts definitely help elongate the legs.

Would I be wearing anything other than vans? Let’s be real.


Outfit #3: The Farmer

This Spring fit is super cute and can be worn anywhere really, especially if you are gardening (lol). The overalls are Old Navy and were actually my moms in the 90’s so thank you Deb for letting me raid your closet.

The boots are Doc Martens…from the UK… and I am not going to say it… (but yes I have been wearing them before they were mainstream).

Outfit #4: Blue Boho (ft. my beautiful best friend)

This look incorporates those high waisted shorts in outfit #2, and a fair warning-you will definitely be seeing more of these shorts.. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND COMFY!

The hat is Billabong women’s from Tilly’s and the cardigan is from Old Navy.


Outfit #5: Blue jean baby!

This outfit is a super easy and affordable look. The bodysuit is from Primark and the blue denim are from Gap.


Well I hope you enjoyed these 5 looks. Most importantly, have fun with it! Life is too short to wear boring clothes.


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