Give Yourself Time

“Just when the caterpillar 🐛 thought the world was over, it became a butterfly 🦋”

I’ve been writing about time lately; how time seems to go by fast, how we need to appreciate every moment, and how our lives seem to be on some sort of timeline set by society. For young adults, I feel these thoughts are pretty common. We have a youth mentality, yet are trying to “grow up.” We know we will get to where we want to one day and we want to make it happen, but we are figuring out how. Some are excited for the future and the opportunities and growth, others feel trapped (in a cocoon so to speak 😉 ) .

Time is comfort to many people, but it can also be stressful to others. Some believe they will get to their dream one day; however, that day is not guaranteed. Others are in a rush to get to the end goal on time. I have friends who are so set on marriage by age __, kids by age__, the white picket fence by age __. On the contrary, I have friends who are just rolling with life and enjoying happy hour cocktails. No one really prepares you for the twenties-not college, not your past experiences; it all seems new. How you use these years is entirely up to you.

So far, I have chosen the adventure path; the tomorrow is not guaranteed path. I hiked Yosemite National Park, felt the salty air of Big Sur, went swimming with sharks, and traveled solo. My twenties have been filled with adventures and laugher and feeling free, but at times I feel myself questioning if my wings need to relax for awhile.

I do not believe there is a right or wrong path. Many of us are raised with the idea of the stable 9-5pm job, the commute, and the live for the weekend mentality. Times are changing though, and life does not seem to be this way for everyone.

Today, I want to remind you (& me) to give yourself time.🐛 There’s really no rush or race or finish line, but you have the wings to fly where you want. 🦋

If your wings take you to the house, kids, and front porch, I hope you are happy. If your wings take you on a long plane ride, I hope you are happy too. Your time is yours, and you can do with it what you choose. While time can feel limited, it is important to allow yourself to grow.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it grew into a butterfly.

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