“Real Queens Fix Each others Crowns”

…without telling the world it was crooked. 👑 💫

Throughout life, you realize who is going to stick around through the good times and the tough times. You will see who is really rooting for you to grow, and who might not be.

I learned this the hard way in some friendships, and I realized that some of my friends are not my biggest cheerleaders. They were not happy for me when I found success or happiness. Jealousy can take over friendships and some people do not understand community over competition.

As you go through life, you find out who is going to tell you that your hair is messed up or that you have food in your teeth, or that life is going to be okay and you totally got this! Stay close to these people; they are the real, raw friends that want the best for you. During tough times, they do not disappear. These are actual friends.

Anna and I met at Montclair State University. I transferred from another school, and did not know many people. She became one of my closest friends. This boss babe is always pushing me to be my better self (and helping me with my make up because I’m clueless). 🥴 When we spend time together, I feel so motivated. 💫Today, I’m feeling extra grateful for my good friends. These friends are the wings that carry us through life and help us grow. Be very cautious who you let in your circle.


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